7 Best Ways to Make Money on Instagram with 500 Followers in 2022

Have a small yet loyal army of followers? There are a few ways to earn from your blog, then. Let us show you the 7 best ways on how you can make money on Instagram with 500 followers.

I would also like to state right away that there is no magic wand called “Dough” to have cash just flowing into your pocket. It will take work, of course, However, it is worth it. Just go on reading and you will see.

Nearly everyone who has an in Instagram account will - sooner or later - start wondering whether they could a couple of bucks from it. Most people, though, will only think about it and then, after getting to know some popular myths, will drop the idea. And this is where the mistake lies.

The main myths concerning earning through Instagram hold that “it is only those with millions of followers who can make some money here”, “it takes being a top blogger to get something”, “nobody will pay me for my lousy Instagram account”.

I can assure you that this is all just myths. You can earn through Instagram, this is where some huge money is, and the main part is that anyone can earn - you do not have to be a mega blogger.

Is it any hard? Yes, at first it is never easy and something of a routine - just like anything new, you know, but it is very much real. Besides, there are ways to earn where you do not have to promote your Instagram account, and this is what you are about to learn now.

Now, just imagine what opportunities you are going to enjoy:


you are your own boss;


you can work either from home or while travelling;


you do something creative, which is truly of interest;


you have no ceiling on your earnings;


you are invited to some cool events;


you will get some cool stuff for review;


and there are many more things we could mention here!

The first and the most important thing to note here is the quality of your account. First of all, it has to be designed well, with a clear bio, some attractive avatar and useful content. Second, you will have to have true followers, and not bots. There may be some accounts with millions of followers yet we never see anyone queuing up to seek their promotion.

Now, let’s make it clear that all Instagram bloggers can be divided into 2 groups:

Professionals and experts in some area who tell through their blogs about, and show, what they do. They will quickly become opinion leaders because they do have experience and authority in their respective areas. This attracts an audience truly interested in something similar. The theme does not matter much here. What is important is that they have something to show and post in their blogs.

People who have no special talents, skills or knowledge they could share, yet who would really like to become bloggers and run an Instagram account, i.e. they just want to make money through their blog, run it to be a blogger.Now, this is the group of people who always face this question: What topic should they choose for Instagram?

If you are someone who belongs to the second group, then let’s try to choose a topic.

How much content can you post? If you have lots of time to run your account, then opt for some wider topic, if not - stop on something lower-scale.

Evaluate your technical capacities. In case of some topics, it is important to post quality pics and videos. Should you have no good equipment to ensure quality, then try to pick some topics where the quality is not vital.

You should find it interesting. If you choose a topic that does not appeal to you, then you will never be able to take care of your blog for a long time and in due way. YOu will get bored finally and drop it. Success will come to those only who love what they do, and not who force themselves.

Specify your goal. If, above all, it is making money from advertising posts, then make sure that the topic will attract enough potential advertisers seeking to buy promotion. If you want to earn on your goods or services, then make sure that what you offer does enjoy demand, and there is someone ready to pay for it.

Choosing a topic is a step that takes some careful consideration - this is what has a direct effect on your potential earnings.

What do advertisers pay most attention to:

What has a direct effect on making profit through Instagram:


Number of followers – this is the decisive factor for the price of an advertisement: the more followers - the higher the price.


Country, region – the place where you are and where your followers are. If you live in Germany yet have most of your followers in the USA, then local businesses are not likely to profit by seeking promotion from you.


Account statistics – quality prevails over quantity here. Good involvement matters: followers offer comments, put likes and do reposts.


Topic – entertaining topics are not so profitable as commercial ones. However, since entertaining topics gain popularity fast, it is also the advertisement focus that is to be taken into account; this determines its price

Want to know how much bloggers earn through Instagram? Here are some of bloggers and what they charge for a single advertising post. Now you will know what you can strive for.

However, what are you to do if all you have is 500 followers, while you still want to earn, as soon as today?

How to make money on Instagram with 500 followers?


This is the easiest way. Cooperating with Postmarket you can get promotion requests if you have at least 300 followers.

Life shows that advertisers are more likely to cooperate with microbloggers nowadays.


They are in a more active contact with their audiences (they themselves respond to DMt and to comments);


Direct connection. This is much faster and more convenient than it may be getting in touch through a promoter or a manager.


Narrow audience. If a girl runs a “Mummy’s’” blog then 90% of her followers are mums like she is. As far as larger bloggers are concerned, their typical follower’s image is more blurred.


Followers are not sick and tired of advertising. The market has just started mastering its work with microbloggers, and such placements are even surprising for many. An influencer enjoys authority with his or her audience, and since their profile does not feature much advertising, then it is more often viewed as personal recommendations, thus resulting in a desire to buy it.


Cost of placement. For business owners this is by far the main advantage. We have carried out some research placing ads with 5 large bloggers and celebrities. The budget was several thousand dollars. During that, we paid for the time on air, no bloggers’ KPI were of interest. The clientele never expanded, whereas some placements even never resulted in new orders. Further, we offered cooperation to smaller accounts, with 30 good profiles selected. The promotional campaign was such a success that the profit grew 5 times.

What are the ways to earn from advertising?


Cost per mille. In this case, you charge some fixed price for placements to be done in your profile. A look at similar accounts (topics, number of followers and views) is enough to get an idea what could be charged on average. You get paid for time that you spend on promotion. A similar model is employed on TV - want to place an ad? Pay for the time on air and people will learn about you then!


СРА model. This is the model that may help you earn times more. СРА (cost per action) is getting paid for the outcome. The advertiser will set a bonus for each specified action performed by one of your followers. In this case, you have no earning limit from a single campaign. If your conventional CPM promotion costs $5, you are offered $2 per each promo code used, which means you can make $10, $20 and even more. It all depends on you alone - how creative and profitable you can be while presenting an offer.

This is better for the advertiser since they will pay not for some invisible coverage of followers yet for a specific action - sale, app download, etc.

Selling infoproducts

When you already have an army of followers, a good idea of what sort of export you are, and then it comes i touch with the topic of your blog, then it is time for you to move to infobusiness.

How you can earn and what are the hidden issues?


Check-lists, guides, manuals - this is the theoretical stuff you present in writing. The easiest and the most accessible option. Such manuals do not cost much, which explains the demand they enjoy. Preparing them is tiresome and long because you will have no chance to offer any extra explanation. An advantage here is their independence, i.e. once you sell it you do not get into the related learning, while the followers can always contact you because access is always there.


Webinar - an online seminar. This will take some speaking talent and a thorough preparation. What is to be taken into account:

1. Topic. This speech should be good for the followers

2. Content. Avoid just speaking. Let it be some a short time you spend on air yet useful and embracing relevant issues. While preparing, you can hold an interactive with the audience in order to see what issues need to be covered and what points are to be dwelled upon.

3. Presentation. Always have some visual stuff going along. Research shows that people can remember 15 % of the info they hear; 25 % of what they see. However, once these two ways are employed jointly and simultaneously, then they can comprehend up to 65 % of the same piece of info. Have on your page some key items, diagrams, charts and add an image to make it more attractive.

4. Speech. Rehearse it beforehand. Write a scenario so that your thoughts are logically arranged and consistent. Try to avoid unnecessary filler words.

5. Equipment. Make sure you have a good light, background, check the microphone and the camera.


A marathon or a course - unlike webinars, of which 90% are held online (its true value is its interactive design, so no one is likely to buy a recorded one), you have a chance to record all your classes. Of course, this format can be online, however, since it can be 3 days to 2 months long, it would be much better for people to watch the classes when they find it best for them. YOu should also have more time to check home assignments or explain certain things that will need clarifications.

Create your own infoproducts and offer them to your followers. In this case you risk nothing because you will be working with an audience that is already warmed up, so you will need no separate budget for promotion.

Selling services

One of the most popular ways to earn on Instagram is to sell services. Many experts in nail design, SMM, psychologists, beauty experts, etc. develop their profiles so that they can get orders from customers then. The same path is taken by Tarot cards readers, business coaches, teachers - the list may be long indeed.

To sell services and earn that way you will need some quality and interesting content, interact with the audience, and be able to work through some objections.

Besides, you will have to ensure that the quality of your work is up to a certain level. Otherwise you can tell lots of great stuff yet never get a customer. A service of poor quality can easily destroy any respect you enjoy.

Instagram shop

Instagram Shopping is an integration of an e-shop into your profile. This is the only way to sell directly through posts, stories, Review and Shop tabs. Customers can check the price in the app and then go to the shop by a single click. Let’s imagine you represent a clothes store on Instagram and would like to promote the brand. Upload the image of a model wearing your clothes, and Instagram will allow marking up to five good per post or up to 20 goods per a carousel. You should also use stories and videos.

Selling photos

Actually, Instagram is an app to exchange pics, while photos are assets that can be licensed, printed out and traded in many ways. If you have some great photos , you can display them on trading platforms where brands and publishers can have them licensed, e.g. 500рх or Twenty20.

Another option is to sell your pics as prints on some other products, such as scarves, phone cases, cushions, etc. All you need is to find the right service that will not just make the required print yet will also take care of the delivery, and then you will have sales only. Such companies can be found in every city.

Daniel Arnold, a photographer from Brooklyn, boosted his bank account from $90 to $15.000, which had Forbes write about it. That time Arnold had a bit over 20 000 followers, now - 329 000.


The idea is that you accept donations (voluntary money transfers) from subscribers. They may be transferring funds for different purposes - buying a new PC, helping board a sick pet, get a new passport issued.

You can also try to have the transfer details displayed in your profile or have a link for donations on a special service, such as DonationAlerts. If you have such a link then it will allow transfers in different ways: from cards, smartphone account or e-wallets. It does not matter how many instagram followers you have to get paid.

Partnership program

Tell me with whom thou goest, and I'll tell thee what thou doest

We would be truly surprised to hear you saying that your friends need no extra income.

PostMarket service offers you a partnership program and boost your income without much effort applied. Encourage your friends to install the app and get your share from their advertisements.

How much can you make on referral promotion?

The fee is generated the following way.


10% from the payments for your advertiser’s first and further advertising campaigns


10% from promotion projects completed by the bloggers that the partner has attracted.

The more users you invite the higher is your passive income.

Who will this approach beneficial?


All those involved in business on the internet: SMM experts, targetologists, creativity and marketing agencies - all those connected with online business. Tell you customers they can follow your link to get placed on the platform and earn a flow of customers. You, in turn, will get a rate from the promotion budgets as a reward.


Are yo part of a blogger group? Or do you have enough followers promotion their own blogs? Tell them that to make money from promotion on Instagram they do not need millions of followers. Tell them they can registered in the service and then you will get your guaranteed passive income.


Active Instagram users. Have at least 300 followers? Are not shy to show yourself in stories and know what content is? Great! This enough to start earning from your blog. Invite your friends to install Postmarket and boost your profits.

What can be done to make a lot

Develop your profile and earn followers - the more the better. You can one of the two ways:


gain your audience fast through advertising with bloggers;


make quality and catchy content and earn your followers slowly.

You will need content even you want to use paid promotion for your account because people will follow you only if they like your account. The trick is that advertising your account will attract them faster.

You can see now that there numerous ways to earn from your blog. You can use these ways one after another - just do it the smart way - and earn more. And it does not take an army of followers - you can make money on instagram with 500 followers.