Brand Deals for Tiktok Influencers that are Easy to Get

Brand Deals for TikTok creators aren't that easy. Branding yourself. Creating an authentic vibe & express a positive vibe can help you with our ultimate guide.

TikTok is no longer just a popular app people in the US love, it has already become a real international beast - top TikTokers create funny and captivating content that everyone enjoy.

TikTok is a short-video hosting service owned by a Chinese company, and offers a combination of a short video feed, a social network, and an AI-based selection of fun videos.

TikTokers are abundant, and anyone can be one. All it takes is a smartphone and a creative mind. A TikToker should be creative indeed, which is crucial for making content that would attract as many users as possible.

A typical TikToker we see nowadays is someone young (aged 16-30) who creates short videos regardless of their academic, financial or any other status. The focus of such videos - be that the creator’s personal experience, daily issues, or… - never matters a lot. What matters, though, is that it should be touching going deep people’s hearts. Top-rating videos usually cover topics like jokes or some social/human-oriented issues.

Advertising on TikTok

TikTok’ promotional potential can hardly be overestimated, both in terms of making someone famous and in terms of deals with companies. The average number of users TikTok attracts on a monthly basis is around 700 mln people, each of them using the app for about an hour every day. As for the age, TIkTok has already left adolescence behind - the app’s average user is someone falling in the group of 25-35-year-olds.

Videos showing dance and songs that were so popular once are gaining fewer and fewer likes and views, giving way to educational and business projects, such as channels teaching various drawing techniques programming or management skills. If you view it all as potential to secure brand deals for TikTok, then it is easy to notice that the TikTok audience is getting mature while featuring huge commercial potential.

For quite long, the app was a good promotion source for larger companies with huge advertising budgets only, whereas an alternative could be found on various blogger exchange platforms where one could buy promotion from a TikTok influencer.

One of the platforms in question is PostMarket - a place with officially registered TikTokers who offer their services -placement of partner links and integrations. The payment is based on the CPA-model (cost per action) - the influencer gets rewarded for each follower who uses the partner’s offer that is being advertised.

How to get brand deals

Many influencers wonder how to get brand deals and how much they can earn on a product integration.

The earning a mini- or a mid-level TikToker can expect will depend, above all, on their skills, regularity and frequency of getting in touch with the users.

A popular TikToker’s monthly income may be a few thousand US dollars, whereas fresh TikTokers will earn just several hundred.

Getting a deal, especially while you are making your first steps and have made no advertising videos, may be hard. You will have to show what you are up to so that brands want partnership with you. Besides, your integration will have to be smart and top quality, which will attract more brands.

Influencers have three major ways to earn on TikTok:


Direct advertising of goods.


Advertising performers.


Promoting their business or themselves as experts.

Advertising goods. The main feature that makes TikTok from other platforms is that it does not take and glamour and all the official fuss. Companies try to place goods so that users do not even realize it - influencers just tell about some product or service and this all appears quite natural. One of the things that encourages users are hashtag challenges - the audience has to be kept warmed up, which will drive the entire campaign, and this is what sponsors want influencers to do. The platform launches such challenges once in a few days.

Advertising performers (musicians). Most videos on TikTok are related to music, and the platform has a huge catalogue of free tracks.. Musicians often use TikTok for their own promotion, and influencers have a special price tag on having a certain track accompanying their video. A music track promotion is, on average, three times as cheap as conventional promotion of goods or services.

Promoting oneself or one’s business. If you are not a popular influencers or musician, then it will be hard to get brand deals for TikTok and earn on it. What you can do, though, is promote yourself as an expert and tell about the goods and services your company offers.

Here is what the promotion chain looks like:


Quality content.


Views, likes, comments, reposts and saves.


Increased number of users who do not follow you yet view your videos.


Visiting your page, following you and seeing your offers.


Purchasing your products and services, joining marathons, etc.

Finding a sponsor will take thinking the way sponsors do. Imagine someone trying to find clients on TikTok. Where would they go? There is targeted advertising where you can choose profiles to place your ad, yet this is really expensive.

Enter “TikTok advertising or exchange” in the searchline and it will retrieve you a huge number of links to various platforms where you can advertise your services. Influencers add a link to the profile, indicate the topic and the major indicators. They also add their contact details, so any deal can be done directly.

Talking of brand deals for TikTok, it is best to use the search and to move up to global search. Potential sponsors may see you at some forum, through a comment in a blog or even on YouTube. The more active you are promoting yourself and the more attractive your offer is, the faster you will get clients.

3 Rules to Earn on TikTok

Selling promotion seems to be as simple as it gets. However, there are certain issues to be aware of. Some manage to get their clients fast indeed while others may spend months all in vain. And never forget about fraud:

Have all your deals through a guarantor

You should either choose to work on 100% prepayment terms or find a guarantor (easy to find through search engines). Sometimes the client may disappear right after the ad is placed, because they may be dissatisfied with something, e.g. too few taps, not effective mention, etc. You can never return it all back, so at least you will want to take the fee in advance (at least part of the fee).

Describe the channel in details and gather stats

Sponsors want to find platforms that would be perfect to promote their goods and services. They need a specific target audience. Besides, they want to see the indicators, which are used to compare the price tags. Now, once you start offering your platform, do not forget to indicate the geography, the topic, the number of followers and likes.

Reject any bad promotion offers

Your reputation is a valuable asset, so do not agree to advertise anything related to cheating, hypes, pornography, just like decline any obviously unprofitable ideas. Your followers will never put up with this, and no money will ever compensate if they start to unfollow. The best choice is to reject any offers that will not fall within your audience’s scope of interest.

Do not think about money only, a creator should try to have something interesting offering great content. Monetization is just a reward for your effort. Whenever you think about profit only, nothing will go the right way.

15 tips on attracting sponsors on TikTok

When newbies wonder where they can find sponsors for TikTok, they miss the main point. Money likes those who work actively on their platform, who applied effort and does all they can to progress. Simple as it may sound but in order to earn through your channel, you will have to work on it, namely:


reveal activity while doing it from your account - this, too, is subject to massliking and massfollowing;


negotiate with other creators to promote each other, do integrations and have duets;


display as much content as you can, feature fresh videos each day;


follow the stats, see what catches on best with your target audience;


follow trends, news, and try to be the first one to create some relevant content;


improve your content (camera, plts, effects, manipulation, etc.);


add some popular music to videos;


stick to the topic chosen once, try to invent something to be your signature feature;


respond to comments and messages, ask questions, launch polls;


add popular hashtags, select the right ones for each of your videos;


join challenges, contests, attend events, etc.;


promote your profile in other social media;


circulate your cooperation offers among brands;


have not just one yet a few accounts at the same time and try to promote them;


go live more actively (it will also help you collect some donations).

Finding sponsors is no easy task. However, once you enter a deal with one of them you may never have to look for any other. First, brands may seek you help on a regular basis. Second, the word-of-mouth is a really effective thing. Also, you can just promote your account, gain lots of followers, and then wait for offers to come showering on you.

And another, don’t forget about specialized services that potential sponsors use to obtain promotion with an influencer. Post Market is one of this sort of services.

What specific features does it take to be an influencer?

In case you want to earn through your account and get even more advertising requests, brand deals for tiktok, and have it all long-term, then you will have to promote your personal brand and show that very vibe that will have sponsors coming back to you over and over again.

The main features an influencer needs is the desire to learn, patience, rich imagination and lots of free time. From the technical point of view, the minimal requirement is a smartphone that has a good camera. However, it is not all so easy as might seem at first glance. Finding your topic area as well as attracting the audience and keeping it engaged will take some effort.

Each year over 20 mln blogs are created in the USA alone, yet as few as 1% of them become so popular as to bring profit to their owners. The thing is each platform has its own requirements for users and content ranking, so to be a successful influencer, you will have to:


be well aware of this or that particular social network algorithms;


know the basics of marketing;


know your audience well;


be able to create quality content.

Blogging is a great thing for well-disciplined yet creative people. It is a job for those seeking to develop their creative potential, for those with an active life stance or those who are true experts in a certain area.

In contracts to the above, the job in question is not for those who are lazy, who avoid people, do not want to progress and have no hobbies or passions - someone who is not absolutely aware of what they are after, who cannot put their own thoughts into words, who feel awkward with many people around, and who is not willing to spend a lot of time doing blogging.

What makes a good influencer different from a bad one is being passionate about what they do, ability to convey emotions, and doing something useful. An attractive influencer is like a full-scale serial, publisher or some cool TV channel. However, such influencers have no huge teams with 100 to 1000 people helping them. Influencers in this cases have to be their own producers, content-managers, marketing experts and designers at the same, which makes them unique people capable of mastering numerous skills equally well.

Any successful influencer is:










has a good eye for detail;


has great imagination;


features both a creative and a business-like streak.

An influencer is someone who, while extremely creative, is still perfectly disciplined and knows the basics of marketing. They need new posts to be added to their feed, which mean only persistent and responsible people can do it and come to be a true opinion leader.

Creating quality content takes certain knowledge and skills - expressing one’s thoughts correctly in an appropriate language, take good shots and be natural and comfortable when in front of the camera.

Personal brand

A personal brand is an image that makes others associate your name with a particular activity, such as Elon Musk, for instance. Anyone can develop their own personal brand - a businessman, an influencer, an expert, an athlete or a brand representative.

All this is a huge advantage that will help stand out of a crows of rivals. A personal brand is the tool to enhance the target audience’s loyalty and facilitate sales.

Examples of successful personal brands:

Michael Jordan, a former professional basketball player known all over the world, nicknamed Air Jordan and His Airness for his unique athletic skills. As early as at the beginning of his career, MJ signed an endorsement with Nike, which designed Air Jordan basketball shoes specifically for him. The project proved so great that the shows name became a brand in itself, thus allowing Michael Jordan earn on his name.

Conor McGregor is an Irish mixed martial artist who launched his own whiskey brand in 2018.

A major advantage: a personal brand created once will automatically have its effect on all the products/services/projects coming later, which means it is an investment in your future.


Your external appearance should not run contrary to what you do. In case you are a fitness instructor, then you will have to be fit and athletic thus motivating your followers and encouraging them to look the same.


Your personal brand may benefit from something that is your signature feature, something to make you different from hundreds of other influencers. It can be anything - your style, a special greeting, a motto, colors, manner of speech, etc.


Successful influencers always have bright videos falling within a certain single style.


It may feel scary at first, so stay prepared to fight that feeling. However, as you go on progressing with your account, many things will become natural and common - your voice will get more stable when speaking to the camera, you will feel more and more confident when talking live, you will become aware of what helps you keep the audience warm and interested, and you will finally be calm when facing criticism.


TikTok is no longer just an attracting teenagers - it has turned into a diverse platform with an audience that is definitely financially viable, which is obvious from the abundance of businesses and individuals trying hard to promote their TikTok accounts.

It does not take a huge audience to earn through displaying ads on TikTok. PostMarket, for instance, cooperates with micro-influencers and opinion leaders, and this is a service to help you make your first bucks through promotion and enjoy a stable income. This is where you can improve your own account, get training, advertise your account and win more followers, all this finally turning into a higher price to charge for promotion in your profile. Visit the website and learn more.