Five Things About Influencer & TikTok Stars to Know Before Hiring

YouTube and Instagram are already bursting with ads, and it is still effective, even though the competition is harder and harder each day; besides, users are getting fed up with all those product integrations. This entire situation seems to be good for TikTok. Of course, having your ads on TikTok work is not a bed of roses, so you will have to be aware of certain potential issues you are likely to stumble upon down the road. Here below we are going to tell you about five things about influencer & TikTok stars to know before you seek promotion from them.

Users have really fallen in love with short funny videos, and the audience growth rate on TikTok is 9 times what Instagram or Facebook had earlier. TikTok is a great platform with its young user audience and a unique algorithm, which allows any video to earn millions of views.

However, TikTok is no longer associated with purely entertaining content - the social network has attracted expert influencers from other media, and these influencers cover basically all areas of human activity - there are chefs, fitness instructors, lawyers,psychologists,teachers, beauty bloggers… you just name it. And still, even some serious stuff has to be promoted here in an entertaining fashion, and even the most “serious” product, so to say, once it is to be promoted by a TikTok influencer, will need some creative and captivating presentation.

Ads with TikTok influencers has not become too stale yet, which means there is still a chance to end up ahead of the game and gain truly high feedback.

Definition of Influencers

An influencer is someone whose personal blog is the major activity and income source. It can be a common user who shares his or her ideas and knowledge, or a superstar, a celebrity, a media personality rating among the most famous TikTokers . What’s more, though, is that influencing is not just job yet a devotion. Besides, it takes certain technical skills and an ability to feed information in the right way.

Influencers take their audiences - the number of followers, their generally shared features, etc. - as part of their lives. An audience are people who take interest in you as a personality, or in the content you create. Your audience includes your like-minds, people who want to master some of the skills you share, and even your haters (those who are never happy with what you do). The quality and the size of the audience is decisive for success and lifestyle. Sponsors seeking promotion may be any brands - from small online stores, travel agencies and individuals to large banks and pharmaceutical companies. Micro-influencers (up to 100K followers) are mostly attractive for startups or it can be anyone who needs promotion, which means basically anyone.

The important thing to bear in mind is that influencers themselves sell nothing. By having your ad on their page or YouTube channel they can enhance brand awareness, boost the coverage and even earn your company more trust. And the more popular an influencer is the higher is the price tag charged for the respective services.

Influencer Marketing

One of the ways to get promotion on TikTok is to involve influencers. Work with influencers, if planned and done properly, will definitely help you attract more followers, customers, as well as boost your brand awareness

However, when working with influencers, there are lots of things to remember: the audience, the content, the cost of placement, etc. Now, here below come five things about influencer & TikTok stars that you should pay special attention to. Should you follow this advice, your promotional campaign will be bound to leave you happy.

Before placement, try to make sure you have a well-defined purpose of your campaign. Here are the ways to define it:


Image — only to show your product in a video and make your target audience used to seeing it. This is good for larger brands that need awareness.


Selling — the focus is on sales, i.e. the main emphasis is to be placed on a specified target action, which will result in sales: visiting a profile containing a link to a single-page site featuring the goods offered.


Promotion your own blog — to earn an audience of followers, and in this case it is reasonable to involve another - more popular - influencer promoting you.


Promotion of a music track — the influencer invents and then launches a challenge, after which everyone will just follow the trend and the video featuring your piece of music will grab the entire platform.

Types of TikTok Influencer & Stars

TikTok does have an adult and financially viable audience of users, even though many still remain skeptical about it. Nowadays, TikTok is not a platform for dance and some stupid videos but a place you can find a lot of good expert content.

Speaking of TikTok, the number of followers an influencer can boast of may have absolutely no effect on the views a video gains. The main traffic depends on the recommendations, and to get there, videos have to be fun and grabbing indeed.

Based on the audience size, influencers can be divided into different groups, namely:


Mega-influencers — 1+ mln followers. Here, we are talking about actors, singers, TV hosts and other media personalities.


Macro-influencers — 100,000 to 1 mln followers.


Micro-influencers — 10,000 to 100,000 followers. They are believed to be the best choice if you want promotion from influencers.


Nano-influencers — up to 10,000 followers. Such influencers typically cover some narrowly specified tips within a particular niche, and promotion you buy from them may prove really effective while at absolutely low price.

Does Your Brand Really Need One?

Users of nearly all ages spend hours on TikTok: the active audience includes both teanagers and adults, and they may be interested in the following things advertised:

High demand products - this may include food delivery, showrooms, make-up artists’ or hairdresser’ services.

Attractive and popular goods. TikTok sets trends, which become viral all over the world. Popular toys, gift sets and fancy stationery will never remain unnoticed.

Goods and services with a low check. TikTok is a place people visit to relax and not to make any significant purchase.

Games and apps. Apps for processing images and videos enjoy quite a demand among TikTok users.

The best response is to be evoked by simple yet bright and memorable products - something that people would like to buy upon watching a video. Some time ago, for instance, slimes were the product, now other toys are popular.

Understanding Your Audience

Advertising can be effective only if you are fully aware of what fiction it is to perform and the audience it has been designed for. You will have to have a clear vision of your target audience and what bloggers have it. If you are promoting your TikTok account, then it would be a good idea to look for your audience among those who follow influencers engaged in a similar niche. Try to visualize your typical customer/user, then think of bloggers they might follow and what sort of content they might be looking for.

Further, set a goal for your promotional campaign - it may be enhancing coverage to boost awareness; a better company image or higher sales. This will be decisive for the main message in your ad.

Five Things About Influencer & TikTok Star You Must Know

If you want to find a good influencer to cooperate with, you will want to check five things about the influencer & TikTok star:

Audience. Enter cooperation with those only whose followers match the image of your potential customer.

Promotion even with the most popular TikToker will never be effective unless their followers take genuine interest in what you are offering. Look at the likes and comments their videos attract. They should be relevant in view of the number of followers and the video itself. Don’t try to involve TikTok stars and pay huge money with no real need for it. Instead, cooperate with lower-level influencers. This approach is especially if you remember that videos become popular through recommendations, which means videos in a blog with 30,000 followers may earn hundreds of thousands of views

Reputation. Never put it at risk dealing with influencers who might ruin your image with some provocative content. Google and see what you can find on this or that particular influencers, and of course, avoid those involved in scandals or posting too much of provocative and ambiguous content. Besides, you can learn a lot while communicating - once you have that uncomfortable feeling or fail to find a common language, better avoid any placement with them.

Influencer’s content. The product you are offering should definitely blend into the influencer’s profile becoming a native part of it. You never want to have a fitness coach promoting your burgers delivery, nor would you have a childfree girl advertising some goods for children. The video and the entire feed should fuse into something viewed and accepted naturally. If, for instance, it is vines that the influencer produces, then think of a way to integrate your product into this type of video.

Advertising cost. This parameter depends on many factors, namely, the profile stats the advertising budget, and the influencer’s personal claim. Before you come up seeking cooperation, you could ask the influencer for their statistics or check their account at a specialized service. Besides, it is also a good idea to have an idea of what budget you have available and the number of placements you would like to get for it. In other words, you want to know how many influencers you can expect to get for your $1,000 - one, two or ten.

Most Famous TikTokers - How to Find Them

There are a few way to find an influencer on TikTok.

Search. Use search to enter the keyword and then look through all the accounts, videos or hashtags. This is where you will find the most popular influencers.

Challenges. Use the “challenge” hashtag, and then also see various users’ challenges and popular videos by tracks. The TOP videos are likely to be paid up or at least the creator knows how to be in. These are the creators that should be the most attractive for your promotion.

Specialized services. Such services will help you select influencers subject to specified parameters, or else you can trust them with your entire promotional campaign. Yo set the budget and your preferences, while the service will be in charge of anything esle: search, selection, analysis, talks, placement monitoring, etc., like PostMarket, for instance - you have professionals launch your promotion with opinion leaders and TikTok influencers, and then can keep yourself busy with some other important stuff.

How Much Influencer Marketing Will Cost

Promotion with TikTok influencers is cheaper compared to Instagram, while the conversion rate does not differ much. Sure, TikTok is a little behind. However, the cost difference compensates for it.

The average price are below:


1 mln followers and above — from $2,000-3,000


From 500,000 followers — $500-1,000


100,000 followers — around $500


10,000 followers — ready to accept an offer for as little as $30-50.

An example of a successful campaign can be seen in a collaboration that Guess launched in the fall of 2018. The company built a whole chain of collaborations with the owners of popular TikTok accounts, and the influencers started a transformation challenge - they created videos bearing the #inmydenim hashtag, featuring some funny image wearing old clothes at first, and then changed into Guess. The challenge immediately became popular among common users, gaining a total coverage of 30 mln users.

The partner promotion market with TikTok influencers is still growing, so cost of services may differ depending on each particular influencer and have nothing to do with followers or any other reason.

Play by the Rules

The format of ad videos is to be discussed thoroughly. It often happens that an influencer creates really great videos when doing it for oneself. When doing it for promotion, though, the same influencer;s videos turn dull and boring. A situation where an influencer will refuse to discuss any scenario and seek your approval is not impossible, so you have to be ready.

In case you are involved in the process of ce creating the video, you have to be very specific and detailed about the whole thing. The main message has to be blend the content that the influencer typically produces. The video will have to fit the trends, keep the audience surprised or entertained. You could benefit using the TikTok filters that the influencer commonly uses.

If the video features no product placement,then you could have the promoted account mentioned there. TikTok allows no direct tags to other resources.

If you are planning to launch a promotional TikTok campaign, you better avoid offering each influencer the same requirements. Each influencer has their own topic and presentation style - the very style that has helped them have the audience they can boast of.

Always Have a Contract

Once you decide to seek promotion from an influencer, remember about that entering an official contract is a very good idea. Most famous TikTokers will never mind and will agree to sign one because this will mean safety for both parties.

By contact we are talking here about a real contract executed in black and white with all the important details outlined expressly so as to avoid any awkward situation that may arise later. The important thing to emphasize is that a contract is to protect your BOTH best interest, through the entire process.

Moreover, the contract chapter specifying the services to be offered should contain not only the description of the services themselves, yet also the description of the what the influencer must not do. In other words, it is all the rights, the obligations, and the detailed specifications that matter here.

Build Good Relationship

Apart from the five things about influencers & TikTok stars described above, there is one more no less important point to mention — good relationships.

If you really want to show to an influencer how much your company needs their contribution,then offer them long-term cooperation with your brand.

Once you start cooperating, think about the opinion leader - promote them. You can, for instance, spread the word on what he or she says about your product. Treat this person well and they will treat you well in response, which means benefit for you both.

The best part here is that long-term means the influencer will still go on talking about your products even when the initial marketing campaign is over, and, of course, they will never let a bad word fall from their lips when talking about your brand, just to save their own face, so to say

Final Thoughts

On TikTok, you cannot just ask an influencer to mention your site of product recommending others use it. Creating something special will account for 90% of the entire work on your campaign, while you will also have to follow trends and stay updated.

However, if you do it all right, develop cool creatives and promote your products and services in the most native was, then you stand every chance to skim cream off the top even before your competitors think about it.

TikTok, as a social network, is very special, with its own laws and development patterns. This is no place to launch something conventional, like something cast in the same mold that other suse. TikTok means you have to be creative, experimenting, employing any incredible approaches that you can ever imagine, then analyze the outcome and even go beyond.

Work with opinion leaders is a complex marketing process that is better to be done by professionals - they will select the right influencers and negotiate all the details before the campaign is launched. Trust your promotional campaign with Post Market now and you will get your first result as soon as tomorrow.