Get 10,000 TikTok Followers in 5 Minutes from Everyday

Everyone starting their own promotion, starting making their first video for TikTok will definitely ask themselves one question: How to get 10k followers on TikTok in 5 minutes? Earning from a blog on any social media will take promotion your account and getting it full of true followers. This will make your account attractive for advertisers, which, in turn, will make good earnings possible. The youngest and most popular social media’s - Tik Tok - works like this: more activity leads to a wider coverage and views.

The main purpose for all those making videos for TikTok is get to the recommended ones. To make this happen will imply having your users not just view the video yet also offer some activity: put likes, offer comments, repost the videos, etc.

Those whose profiles feature high ratings stand a better chance to get to the recommendations — they have many true followers and show lots of activities gouging on with their posts. THis means that the robot-system will promote their videos thus leading to a wider audience covered.

How to Get 10k Followers on TikTok in 5 Minutes?

Getting 10,000 followers on TikTok seems very much complicated and beyond reach. However, all you have to do here is just put one foot in front of the other. Here we are offering you our list of 10 tips that will help you move closer to the goal in question.

1. Make interesting videos

It may sound plain but successful promotion in TikTok relies on a quality content. Good videos will earn lots of likes, views and comments.

A good content will make it easier to the recommendations. Once a video makes it, then the audience will grow 2-3 times. If a video, for instance, advances to the recommendations, then it may bring you 10,000 followers in a single day.

2. Never stop analyzing the trends

See what is relevant in TikTok - what videos make it to the recommendations more often. For this, see the videos in the feed and get inspiration.

Popular topics should be made part of your content-plan. Trendy videos will boost the growth in the number of followers - people will visit your profile coming from the recommendations, and they will start following you.

3. Join challenges

TikTok is full of challenges. To see the current ones, just go to the Discover page.

Join challenges - make interesting thematic videos.

Such videos will often get to the recommendations, which, in turn, will make your followers’ number grow 2-3 times.

4. Cooperate with other TikTokers

Try mutual promotion. Find 5-6 bloggers and offer them your cooperation - they advertise your profile and you advertiser theirs.

You can also make videos together, something like duets. This a whole free way to earn followers.

5. Set advertising

TikTok offers an official way to set advertising. This is a paid promotion, so you will need some budget. We recommend you start with $100.

If you need a more affordable way to attract more followers, then opt for some other ways described herein.

6. Try massfollowing and massliking

Trey promotion via massfollowing and massliking. These are mass actions - you will have to start following other users and like their videos, while they, in return, will follow you.

7. Use hashtags

Do not forget about hashtags, add them to each video, yet use theme-based tags.

If you, for instance, are making a video featuring animals, then do not use any hashtags that are not content-related, even though they can be more popular.

By using theme-related tags you involve your target audience only, who will follow the account and watch other videos you create.

This is a slow way to attract followers. Unfortunately, you are not likely to gain a million of followers through tags. However, if coupled with other account promotion methods, it will definitely add to the outcome.

8. Comment on other users’ videos

Comment on videos created by others. For this, find 30-40 interesting profiles. Try to leave comments under newly released videos, which have not gained many comments yet - this will make more people see your message.

However, avoid spamming: if you try to leave comments calling for following your TikTok profile, you will be banned. Writing meaningful messages relevant to the video is a better option.

9. Use other social media

In case you have other well-promoted social media accounts, e.g. on Instagram, then use them to attract more followers on TikTok.

Create a post calling for action: ask your Instagram (or any other social network) followers to follow you on TikTok. Tell them about the content you make there.

10. Keep an eye on your followers’ feedback

Follow the statistics that your videos gain. See what content your followers accept best - most likes and comments.

Use this data to develop your own content plan. Create videos based on the themes that are most popular with your target audience - this will help you ensure your profile grows steadily.

Get Verified First

Any author in TikTok wants to get the blue check mark. It means that you are a popular TikToker and your personality has been verified. This verification will protect against some clone-accounts - cases where frauds can, for instance, create a fake account using some popular blogger’s name and dub the content. The check mark will easily help you tell a fake account from a verified one.

Another advantage a blue tick will earn you is promotion. Verified authors usually have their content going up to the recommendations. The point is that it’s the most popular profiles that get the blue mark, and the promotion algorithm does know about it, so to say. This means that officially verified accounts are priority for recommendations

Verified authors win advertisers’ trust. Verification shows that you are someone popular in TikTok, which, in turn, means you have quite an audience of followers. TikTokers with blue marks get lucrative advertising contracts because if there are ten potentially available profiles, then the verified one is much more likely to be preferred.

How to get the blue tick: getting verified on TikTok

The TikTok algorithm will automatically assign blue ticks automatically. The only condition that has to be met is quality content and followers. It is hard to say when exactly the well-desired tick will be granted.

Everything in this case depends on your audience growth: if you are gaining more and more followers actively and have already hit 20,000, then some time later you will be automatically verified.

You can send a message to the TikTok official E-mail telling them you are a popular creator and would like to be verified. Here comes the E-mail address:

Make sure your message contains the link to your profile, as well as the information regarding the number of your followers and links to other accounts. Besides, offer a detailed description as to why you need the blue tick — say that you release content really actively, which adds to your profile promotion, and you would not like any fraud to create a clone-profile to mislead the audience.

Celebrities, politicians, athletes and popular bloggers get their blue marks once they complete registration. If you do not belong to any of the categories mentioned, then you will have to wait — earn followers and then the process will start.

Time You Need to Get 10k Followers Naturally

If you have just got yourself an account and have plans to promote it, then it will take much longer. First, people are more willing to start following some popular accounts, which others trust. Second, you cannot believe that your first video will earn a million of views and rake in 10,000 followers.

Winning the first 1,000 followers is the hardest part. After that it will go on growing just like a snowball, followed by going live - another way to ensure rapid growth.

If you follow all the recommendations and release truly cool content, then it will take you around 2 weeks to get your first 10,000 followers. Keep in mind that it is the quality and the meaning of the videos that are key issue here.

Trendy Content - Best Way to Earn Free Followers

There are many ways to earn Free TikTok Followers. However, the most effective is still creating trendy content.

We are now living in a unique time, when with even slightest effort you stand a chance of storming this social network earning quite an audience very fast. All you need is your smartphone and… a little creativity!

TikTok releases may be of various formats, and the important part here is to select the ones that will be used regularly.

Content formats for experts and business:

























Content formats for bloggers:






social videos;























It is important to create trends while they are still relevant. The biggest mistake a fresh TikToker will make is to follow trends that were popular 6-12 months before, so make sure the trend is relevant.

Best Time to Post on TikTok

There are three tips to follow concerning when it is best to post videos to earn 10k TikTok followers:

1. Post videos right after you go live. This will boost your statistics.

2. Typically, it is videos that are posted in the afternoon that get more views.

3. Analyze the statistics and experiment with time to see what exactly your followers will love best.

Buy 10K Followers on TikTok

While seeking to get their much desired 10k followers on TikTok, many will try some forbidden ways. If you start boost the number of your followers through cheating from the very beginning, then it may backfire. Chances are, you will get into the administration’s focus as soon as they see you somewhat illogical activities, few views and yet a fast-growing number followers within just days. TikTok administration will carry out regular cleansing of inactive accounts, so all those bots you may buy, which make the number of followers appear so great, may disappear one day.

Free likes and comments, even though it all may sound great, may turn a serious issue:


high risk of getting your account hacked if the service requires entering your login and password. You can never be 100% sure that you aren’t dealing with a fraud this time;


no guaranteed result. A user can start following a huge number number of people yet get no more than a dozen followers out of the 100 ones set. Other followers will join a week or a month later, or may never come to follow;


getting indifferent users who will give neither likes nor comments to your posts thus killing all the activity in your blog.

Our Strategy to Increase Followers

Many mistakenly believe that larger companies, be that Pepsi, Coca-Cola, BMW or Mercedes, need no promotion. Actually, quite the opposite is true: world-famous brands make a great use of various tools to gain promotion in social media.

There is no denying that huge corporations are in an compete competition. Once any of them slows down, the rivals will immediately find a way to steal the show.

Cola, which is full of sugar and bad for health, is still popular because there is a great festive image created around it: the famous New Year ad is still effective. Maintaining the image is one of the tasks to be solved by promotion.

Promotion is aimed not at earning new customers only yet at keepin the previous ones, too. An ad can explain why a car gas a price tag of several hundred bucks: it just shows how good this particular choice is by pointing at how respectable and successful the main character appears once he or she buys the car.

Global brands have been using the Chinese platform to run their promotion campaigns for several years now, and here below we are offering a couple of examples.



Guess challenge launched in 2018 could be viewed as the first promotional campaign in TikTok. The barnbd used collaborations to promote the initiative: there were influencers who set the trend and enhanced the coverage. To join the challenge, anyone had to do as little as this: create a before/after-video - with I'm a Mess track playing in the background; users would show their outfit wearing old clothes and then changed them to wear something by Guess thus creating a fashionable image. Result – over 5,000 videos and 52 million views by the hashtag.


Calvin Klein

There were three videos released with the #MyCalvins hashtag, where celebrities told some true fact about themselves. The trend caught on really fast – now videos with confessions have already earned over 30 mln views.


EA Sports

There are also companies that prefer more conventional types of TikTok promotion. EA Sports (Electronic Arts Corporation), the developer of video games, promoties games by involving influencers. The American blogger Brent Rivera (36.7 mln followers on TikTok) released a mock video showing him playing Apex Legends. Now the video has been liked nearly 1 mln times. Gil Croes, one of TikTok’s oldest stars, was the one invited to promote Plants vs Zombies, and that video now boasts of 635K likes.

Benefits of 10k Followers on TikTok

Why do you need 10K followers on TikTok and why you shouldn’t stop after that?

You must have noticed that when your videos fail to stay long in the recommendations, they do not get many views, even if you have followers in thousands and dozens of thousands.

This happens because your followers can see your videos only if they want after they enter your profile, or through the Following page, which is next to the For You page.

You may have a question arising here: Why do I need followers if they make no much difference and the the algorithms can promote my videos without them?

The number of followers on your channel does make a difference, which is rating - the more followers you have the better your videos are taken up to earn more views steadily.

Besides, a high number of followers (10,000+) the less volatility you will get on your videos, and even the least successful one may stay on the recommended list for long.

In case of a higher number of followers, the neuronet will consider your channel popular, while promoting it to the recommendations more often, and ensuring a better coverage.

Now, whatever the algorithm can be, followers, just like in any social media, play a huge role in promotion for your channel!

Earn More from TikTok with 10k Followers

Now you can your video earn you something in terms of converting views into money. You don’t want to expect any high profit here - around $15-30 per 1 mln views.

If you have 10,000 of true followers,then you can charge $5-10 per a promotional video. The factors determining your income are numerous: if you focus on some specific commercial promotion then the cost for it, given you have 10,000 followers, may come up to $20 and even above. The main part here is the quality of your followers.

A player, while playing King of Glory, went live and collected over $160,000 of donates, while there were 22 mln viewers were watching the action. People would just join his stream to see the way he was playing, and them some of them donated out of nothing but their own accord.

Going live takes having more than 1,000 followers and selecting the Live option (it will become available once you get the required number of followers).

You can use special services to attract advertisers. You will be getting a steady flow of requests and your audience coverage will determine the cost.

One of the services to help you is PostMarket. All you need to do is to complete registration, enter your statistics and start getting requests seeking promotion from you. By the way, you don’t have to have 10,000 followers on TikTok.

Final Thoughts

Having a TikTok account would be good for basically anyone - from a blogger to a businessperson. Creating content is not hard, while becoming widely known through promotion in PostMarket can be fast indeed. Besides, you already know how to earn an audience.

Now, why are you wasting time? Go on promoting your account and you will see how much good being popular in TikTok can do for you.

Try to employ all the ways described herein. This will help you earn followers as fast it can get.