How Much Does TikTok Pay You for 1 Million Views

We are not going to tell you what TikTok is - only the deaf never heard about it. What do most people what to know, though, is how much does TikTok pay you for 1 million views.

Users spend in the app an average of 45 min per day. And 20 million, 45 minutes each means a billion of minutes of views daily. GIven the numbers, earning through TikTok is nothing beyond reality. Let’s see how you can do it and how much those who own popular account do earn.

TikTok algorithms

The plan to promote a blog in other social media is simple: Attract more followers. Work hard to keep them loyal - do your best to make them put likes, leave comments, add posts or video to favorites so that they never disappear from their feed. Get about the same number of likes and comments and sell the audience to sponsors.

TikTok has its feed shaping a different way. Users see videos that are similar to those they liked earlier, no matter if they follow the author or not. This means that a creator’s video getting to the feed depends on other people’s reactions: how many likes they awarded; how many comments they left; how many people watched the video to the end or shared it, and even how many times the video was skipped from the very first seconds. TikTok users see only what they want to see and not what their friends post. If you, for instance, are fresh registered and have no followers, your first videos will earn 100, 300, 500 or even 1000 views.

Some have their videos so good that they get millions of views. A blogger with 389 K followers may have two of his or her subsequently released videos gain 2.3 mln and 3.4 mln views, while the next two videos will get no more than 182 K and 56 K views respectively. Other networks do not have it this way - there are neither sharp rises nor falls and a guaranteed pool of followers.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to it. The influencer has it easier when moving up - all that is to be done is to create some good content with no need to have any serious investment in ads. However, an army of followers and likes you are enjoying today do not guarantee you will remain popular tomorrow.

TikTok Creator Fund

TikTok Creator Fund is basically a program that all respective TikTokers can apply to join and get a certain sum of money. Initially, the Fund commitment was to be at USD 200 mln, yet TikTok has recently changed the terms announcing that within the nearest 3 years the Fund will grow by USD 1 bln in the USA only, whereas on the global scale it is to double.

The main idea here is to offer young and ambitious creators a chance to build a career on TikTok, as well as to encourage other creators follow the example. The Fund is a way for TikTok to bring its former creators back, at the same time offering incentives that would allow attracting new creators. Even though it may never be stated, this idea definitely reflects the fact that loyalty and commitment can be turned into money nowadays. The Fund identifies the number of TikTok creators using this app, and how much they can lose both in terms of finance, and in the number of followers.

To claim extra penny, creators will have to meet the following four conditions:


be aged at least 18;


have a base of at least 10,000 followers;


have over 10,000 videos watched within the last 30 days;


publish some original content subject to the community’s principles.

Not so long ago, a fund to support content creators was launched inside the app, which pays about $ 5-10 for 1 mln of views. You can register by gaining 10,000 followers and 10,000 minutes of video views within a week’s time.

Compared to YouTube’s $ 100 per 1 mln views, this is not much. HOwever, you have to remember that you advance to such levels on TikTok, you have many more opportunities opening up for you.

Victory Rhyder, who is a TikTok influencer, told Business Insider that a few years before she got only $ 2.89 per day from the fund, and did so for 5 days, which was about USD 0.04 per 1,000 views then.

How much does tiktok pay for 1 million views

Since TikTok has become so popular among common users, most people wonder how much money earn those who can boast of millions of followers. Not all influencers are willing to share the details, and still, there are a few examples that can be used to estimate the earning TikTokers can enjoy.

@KristenHancher lives in the USA, this account has 23 mln followers. Sponsorship and bonus help the influencer earn $ 13-20 000 per post.

@lorengray singer, however, has gone even further, raking in around $ 40,000 per post. Impressive, but the earnings depend directly on the followers’ activity.

American marketing experts estimate that an account with 1 mln of followers can bring about $ 3,000 per post, while a lot depends on how well the user works with promotion and monetization methods

Business Insider talked to a California based TikTok influencer to see how much she makes with one million of followers.

How much does Luong make on a monthly basis given she has over 1 mln followers on TikTok?

Luong typically charges USD 8,000 to 10,000 per post. As she notes, when she only started working with brands, she received $ 3,000 to 4,000 per sponsored video.

Luong, together with her manager also offer brands a package of services, which includes a video on TikTok and a post on Instagram.

The influencer shared how much sponsorships had brought her in 2021, while Business Insider verified the details checking the respective papers she had provided:


February: ab. $ 19,000


March: ab. $ 30,000


April: ab. $ 32,000


May: ab. $ 1,000 (the influencer noted May was somewhat of an abnormal month because some of the payments were delayed)


June: ab. $ 32,000


July: ab. $ 17,000

Right now, I am shrinking the number of deals, - the influencer was quoted as saying. - However, I can say that this year I’ve had 4 to 7 deals a month. Three of them are to be a year-long, and I am to post respective content on a monthly basis.

Her TikTok account makes 150 to 300 USD per month from the Creator Fund - an integrated function for monetizing. As Luong says, this varies depending on how often she releases content and on how well it performs.

Other ways to earn through TikTok

Advertising. Apart from the official ways, TikTok does not mind having promotions where a TikToker advertises goods, brands or other creators. There are several mechanisms available now:


mentioning another account in a video for the feed;


a link to a website or another network in the bio por under a video;


mutual promotion with other creators.

How many followers does it take to start earning on TikTok? INfluencers typically start looking for sponsorships when they have over 100K followers. In case you run an account featuring something narrowly specified, let’s say sculptures, you may see sponsors approaching you even if you have 10,000 followers.

Next – how to earn on your TikTok channel, attracting sponsors or traffic.

Donations. To support its best creators, the app has an internal currency, which is sold to users at a rate of $1 = 100 coins. However, you cannot transfer directly and will have to buy some sticker or gift and send it to the TikToker. 80% of the gift’s price can be transferred to a PayPal account. Stickers cost 100 to 2000 coins. Donations are given during live sessions. However, to go live and start earning you will need at least 1,000 followers.

How much streaming on TikTok can bring?

A user, while playing the King of Glory, went live and collected over $160,000 through donations - he had 22 mln viewers who just joined his live session to see him playing, and some of them wanted donated.

Starting a live session takes having over 1,000 followers and turning the video in the Live mode, which will be available as soon as you reach the required number of followers.

Selling your products and services is a rather profitable option, which takes getting plunged into business issues like paperwork, paying tax, building logistics and solving many other problems.

Presenting somebody else’s brand. Creators earn through deals with brands seeking to promote a song, some goods, services or something else. This is the main income. With a highly engaged audience ( 5+%) and at least 500,000 followers, influencers can make $ 450 per month on contracts with companies.

Payment for likes, subscriptions and comments. This sort of earning is easy to find at special exchange platforms. However, do not use your own account to cheat because this may result in a ban, sooner or later.

Talking about profit, quite a realistic option is cooperating with young musicians. Many of them are willing to pay for having their music used by popular influencers in videos. An average fee for this sort of placement is $ 80-100.

Collaborating with other TikTokers

Selling your services (as an assistant or a camera operator) to famous influencers is something to make money on. You can be useful as a promotion expert, a screenwriter, a makeup artist, a video editor - just anyone helping an influencer maintain their account and making videos.

Any larger TikToker has a whole team of people around. Given the high competition in the area, you can never create cool videos and stay on top all the time. Creating videos for TikTok has now become a whole industry offering more and more new jobs.

A common person involved in the business may have no high income immediately, of course. However, once they become true experts or taking on several projects, an income of several thousand dollars a month is not unrealistic.

How to boost profits from advertising

CPA — cost-per-action - has become a real trend recently. More and more influencers opt for this, while sponsors do not seem to mind. Unlike conventional videos paid for posting, an influencer working on the CPA model gets paid for each user tapping the respective link and performing a certain action, completing registration, making a purchase or something like that.

This is how Postmarket works with TikTokers within its partner program. Influencers can complete registration and choose the brand or project they like, after which they submit an application, get approved, receive a unique link or a promo code and start their campaigns.

There is no limit on the income in this case. Each user is paid for. A serious advantage the system features is that even a small pool of followers - 300 persons - is enough to start making profit. The only thing that matters, though, is that the followers are to be active because the payment is offered per action and not per view.

Whether you prefer storytelling or dancing, joining the TikTok Creator Fund may prove a good experience, even though not quite what many creators expect. At this stage, the approach that Jillian Buller prefers may be valuable - in her interview to Business Insider she shared that she was going to release new stuff anyway - getting paid or not. What matters is to enjoy it.

Now you see that earning options are numerous, not all of them even implying creating videos of your own. Just post funny vids, attract followers and get your first donations and sponsorships. To have access to promotion requests on Postmarket, for instance, takes having no more than 300 followers.

And another, if you have something to say and you believe you do have the potential to not create only yet to work as well, you will never be left with no income on this platform. Hope you’ve got some idea of how much TikTok pays for 1 million views.