10 Tips on How to Find the Right Influencer for Your Brand

Where and how to find influencers for promotion, provided you need no mega bloggers yet truly interesting blogs with no cheating?

The costs of a promotional campaign will pay back only if the right influencer is found. To help you avoid issues solving this task, we are offering here a detailed guide on how to find Instagram bloggers who could make your company popular, also ensuring you win newer customers and higher profits.

What to be taken into account when selecting a blogger?

Many online stores and companies really like to involve bloggers thus aiming to promote their business and attract more customers through ads in Instagram stories or feed.

Cooperating with influencers is an effective tool within INternet-marketing, because:


the blogger’s opinion is important to the followers.

Cooperation with bloggers is of a long-term effect. A well-chosen influencer means a great outreach.

In case your account is full of interesting and funny content, you can well start looking for an influencer. While a particular blogger’s personality and personal page design do matter, here is what we also recommend you take into account:


the match between the posts and the company’ philosophy;


the number of real followers (you will want to make sure there is no cheating involved);


the share of your potential target audience among the followers;


the level of the audience involvement (i.e., how active they are in terms of offering likes, comments, and posts);

the likes VS. posts rate.

Keep in mind that not all bloggers are ready to cooperate with any companies - many of them have a rather selective policy when it comes to dealing with businesses seeking promotion.

Search by geolocation

There are several ways to look for a blogger on Instagram using a geotag. You, for instance, can find the geolocation of certain places frequented by your target audience. This will help you see what bloggers your competitors had.

There is one huge downside, though: all more or less larger locations are popular among accounts that have nothing to do with the spot - they just tag the place in their posts. However, the method in general may prove useful.

Search by description

You enter the required word in the searchline and get the accounts that you can use to seek promotion with bloggers. You should enter just the word that is to be found in the profile description. There is a thing to be kept in mind: do not enter the topic yet write the way the person him/herself would describe themselves, e.g., not “ballet” but “ballet dancer”.

This simple approach is good when you need someone of a particular job or a social status. However, someone’s interests and preferences are not easy to find through search. Besides, this way you are likely to come across both major bloggers and really minor ones.

Search by subscriptions

Good when we are dealing with some specific interest. Bloggers sticking to a certain narrowly specified theme typically follow many of their colleagues, if not all of them.

Drawbacks: everything will have to be looked through manually, so to say, and the approach is not good when dealing with accounts involving mass following subscriptions. Besides, the top of the list will be not only the bloggers you may need yet mother, sister, husband and friends whose pages you will have to skip while checking.

Subscriptions will also have mega bloggers with a huge pool of followers - bloggers followed by nearly everyone, who are not good for your promotion purposes. The approach is generally good for bloggers with 100-400 followers and who really read through their feed.

Recommendations feed

You will find this format effective if trying to find bloggers straight through an app or an Instagram site. You start following a blogger and then you are offered other bloggers sticking to the same topic in the Suggested Posts. All you’ll have to do here is tap the links and see if this or that particular blogger is up to your expectations.



suggested Posts may offer bloggers scattered over too vast a theme;


the geographic coverage is never taken into account;


it is hard to find the right size bloggers because the feed may offer both mega pages and small ones.

Analyzing adjacent niches

You can opt for opinion leaders your direct competitors are working with. It is all simple: if you see a post by a blogger in your competitor’s profile or story,then you just do nothing but contact the blogger and ask them if they would agree to display your ads. This is nothing but doing the things point blank.

An even better option is to choose bloggers who cooperate not with your competitors but with those operating in adjacent areas. Sport bloggers, for instance, could be promoting equally well some nutrition for athletes, equipment, and a gym downtown, Just see who promotes those dealing with businesses surrounding yours and never hesitate to contact them.

Incoming requests

When you start working bloggers promoting you on Instagram, or in case you have a quality product to get opinion leaders interested, you will have minor influencers attracted as well: they typically see larger bloggers’ posts and then visit the advertised brand’s page to leave a message. This means, you will not have to ask yourself about how to find bloggers for promotion

Opinion leaders who run their accounts by themselves, will often agree to work on a countertrade basis because they are interested in getting you more than vice versa. It is important to estimate here, how critical for yo it is to sell your Instagram ads to such bloggers - are you happy with their geography coverage, the theme and the content they post.

Posts often attract minor bloggers who themselves are the target audience for a particular type of goods or a service, who take true interest in these, and who would like to use them. They will readily start corresponding and will publish promotional stuff fast. Actually, bloggers from the incoming requests are the most motivated ones.

Search by hashtags

Search by hashtags will help you find bloggers who release posts focusing on topics closer to yours. If your account is about, let’s say, #makeup, then try this hashtag in the searchline and see what posts are on top - these will be ones to have been liked and commented on faster than other posts bearing the same tag. Visit the pages of the bloggers who created these posts and have a closer look.

Top is always different and relies on an algorithm based on your preferences. However, even in these case you will find some interesting account among your organic search results.

Search by hashtags may also be used when you need to see a blogger’s regional belonging. If you run a makeup shop in #SantaFe, then it is natural to try and locate opinion leaders subject to this particular hashtag.

Search by hashtags, however, is not free from downsides:


the top your search returns will often contain posts with unfairly boosted likes and comments;


hashtags are also often spammed, and a post bearing the #makeup hashtag may be about anything but makeup.

Advertisement services

This is where you can find a blogger focusing on the right theme, contact them within the service and discuss potential cooperation. Pros - search by criteria; cons - the databases are often updated with a delay and the platform itself will charge some fee for the service. Besides, not all advertisement services check respective account to exclude any cheating.

Suggested for you

Instagram is good at offering recommendations. In order to avoid rummaging through the subscriptions of the bloggers you like,just open one page and tap on the little tick to the right of the Follow button. The algorithm will offer you suggested account focusing on similar or close topics.

Specialized agencies and services

Why do it all yourself when it can be trusted to professionals? They will help select the right bloggers based on the respective criteria, and analyze their accounts to check the quality. Besides, they will discuss possible promotion placement and see that it is done up to the acceptable standard. All you will have to do is to trace the account growth and the increase in the number of requests. One of the services to mention here is Post Market.

In case you need more details or launch your first promotional campaign, follow this link https://postmarket.pro/Advertisers

Things to remember

Advertising on the Internet is an extremely lucrative niche nowadays. Anyone can do online marketing, provided they have a good command of social media and know how to promote things. This has served the basis for a great number of blogs covering a huge range of diverse topics, and lots of bloggers willing to promote anything at a reasonable price.

To avoid an underperforming agent, please bear in mind that nice pics and lots of posts on a page do not necessarily mean successful promotion. Opt for a blogger whose target audience is similar to that of yours. A young and fit girl would do great advertising clothes for the young and active offered by an online store, whereas a tour agent would be better represented by a seasoned traveller.

Avoid bloggers with lots of fake followers - this is only an illusion of success since their outreach is actually low, while there is no activity at all in their accounts. It may also happen that when the respective service checks an account, the latter proves to be low in activity, with real followers, though. This is likely to happen when people came to follow the account for a reward or to join a prize drawing. You will not win anything by cooperating with such accounts.

Now, to draw the bottom line: prior to sending a promotion offer, we recommend you always check thoroughly all you can about the blogger and make sure his/her target audience does match yours.