How to Get More Views on TikTok in 2022 - 8 Best Ways

TikTok has become one of the youngest yet most popular platforms. Short creative vids get users interested attracting people of basically any age group. And the platform is always progressing, at the same time demanding bloggers adjust the new trends and follow the new rules.

An audience in hundreds of millions means that the social media platform can be used not for fun alone yet for quite a profit.

Why gain more TikTok views?


Income. The more views your videos get the most your ads will cost.


Popularity. If your videos gain hundreds of thousands of views, then you are likely to belong to those called opinion leaders.


Personal brand promotion. Videos in TikTok can help you, for instance, gain momentum in your own business field - claim yourself as an expert in a certain area.


Attracting new customers.


Enhancing brand/company loyalty.

The topics below still remain popular among users viewing videos:






life hacks;



People prefer some light content, yet they do watch something interesting in terms of education, technology or science.

Social media platform operation principles

If you are seeking to make your account more popular, then here are a few issues to keep in mind when dealing with TikTok:


To ensure user friendliness, the platform relies on AI, which analyzes the user’s actions to select the respective content. This means that likes, views and comments are the factors used by the AI mechanism to offer the user this or that particular type of content through recommendations.


The first five videos released by a new TikTok user will be presented to a wide range of people. This kind of support the platform offers will allow getting an idea of how interesting your videos can be, as well as identifying the theme scope embraced by your videos.


One of TikTok’s specific features is music. Popular tracks and great sound effects may add to your success, while videos incorporating popular or original tracks will make it to the recommendations faster.

If you happen to have no channel on TikTok yet, or if you have just started a blog here, then release several videos a day. After the first week, you can switch to a video per day, and a month later the frequency could be taken down to a video per 2 days. As soon as two months later you will see what content was accepted best by your audience, what can be improved, and what should be taken away completely from your channel.

If you do have a TikTok channel already yet you are not much happy with the performance, then you will need to have a detailed analysis of both your niche and your content, prior to starting any serious work. You will also want to go through your content-plan and make a list of the themes to cover next, and only then start actual work.

1. Account design

First, make sure that your avatar does not run contrary to TikTok rules. Some account was banned once for this particular reason.

Forget about cheating to gain more followers, likes, comments, etc. TikTok will never approve this and you will suffer serious consequences.

Here are the TikTok rules that - if broken - may lead to a video removed or a complete ban imposed on your account.


No videos to be posted that can be rated as 18+. The app is extremely popular with children, so the platform administration will immediately impose sanctions on channels found in breach.


The videos must not contain any scenes of alcohol consumption or smoking. Same goes for drugs.


No violence scenes or calls for violence are allowed. Should this happen, the respective account will be definitely banned forever with no way back.


No threats or humiliation are allowed.


No videos are allowed, which may tell about spamming, boosting likes, views, etc.

Preparing content for TikTok

Newbies, just like many other users, will often wonder what content they should post on TikTok. You can have posts of at least three types:


you dance;


you share some useful info;


you entertain people.

After you start posting different types of content, it will take around two weeks to see what content is accepted best. Unless you release different contents, the entire process may take months, and by then your account will have lost the platform’s trust and will not be offered to many users.

TikTok tries really hard to offer new accounts more and more coverage, and this will go on for 2-3 weeks.

This is the time to grab and post as much as you can. This is the time to see what type of content goes down best, to identify your target audience and start producing content capable of attracting many views.

Time to release posts on TikTok

Better post your content in the evening - this is the time really many people go through the feed and may come across your video. Once they stop and watch it, TikTok will realize that it proved interesting, which means the video will be further offered to more and more people.

The pause between your posts released should not be less than three hours. TikTok tries to eliminate spam and will not offer views for accounts that post many videos at a time.

How to make a good description for a video on TikTok

The description should contain a couple of words about the video itself - the name and the plot. After that, provoking comments would be good, and tougher the provocation the better. A quick life hack: if you really want people to do something, it must be just one action. If you ask for both a comment and a like, then you will get none of the two.

Going live on TikTok

TikTok will allow you to go live only if you have 1000+ followers.

Live means not donations alone yet also strong promotion for your profile. Following each live session, TikTok will promote your older videos

LIve broadcasts in TikTok will turn into a magic wand. Even sharing no posts and going through a creative crisis, you can do nothing but go live, talk to your followers or some new people for around 30 minutes, and thus have your videos promoted again.

How often should live broadcasts be done on TikTok to boost views?

Go live each day if you are able to do so, or you can do it once in three days. This will not so much time and still promote your content and, on top of that, will earn you a chance to collect donations - real money. This can be withdrawn via PayPal when collected much enough.

How to boost live broadcast views?

Reality shows that your first live will attract many people because TikTok will really promote it. The success of any further sessions will depend on you and the users’ response.

Going live will do good only. Remember this: even if you have only three persons there watching your live, the video is being promoted at that point.

If you follow all the recommendations, then three weeks later you will win the trust from all the TikTok algorithms, and this is where you can post a video a day.

TikTok means lots of work, non-stop, and if you slow down for at least a week, you will see some cutback in the dynamics.

3. Trends

To get more views on TikTok after posting, you need to always analyze trends. See what popular TIkTokers post. The current trend may include social vines or videos featuring some dance to some famous tune.

Trendy videos are extremely popular, which means they more often get to the recommendations. Once a video goes in there it will earn lots of views - from 100,000 to millions.

4. Single style and topic

One of the main mistakes new bloggers make is trying to embrace all topics. However, if an account has a mix of it (trends, dance, unboxing, etc.), then the algorithm will not see who this all should be shown to. What next? No, it will not offer it to everyone but will likely stop featuring it at all.

This explains why you had better select your one area and work within. While doing so, staying trendy is not that hard - make videos sticking to the topic yet to some popular music.

Note: TikTok users like it when they can see immediately what this or that particular video is about, so having a title on the cover is a good idea.

5. Challenges

Joining various challenges (while they are still on peak) will earn your channel fast and organic growth because it will be often in the recommendations. Even the US President joined TikTok challenges a few times.

6. Marathons

Body transformation marathons (losing weight, bodybuilding) will earn quite a pool of followers. People are interested both in following the workout process itself and matching the final results. With regular posts offering advice and detailed discussions of dos and don'ts, chances are even more users will come to follow.

7. Video series

Should you have a truly cool and great idea, then you don’t have to unfold it in one single video. UNless the quality drops, have it in 2-3 episodes. This will have viewers start following you, provided they get interested.


Music coverage is rated among the most crucial factors aimed at promotion on TikTok. A single track may serve the basis for hundreds of thousands short TikToks. Followers often check the entire list of vids using a certain music piece. In case you have a video to it, you stand quite a chance to earn an audience of followers for free.

Smart tricks employed by bloggers


Throw in an intrigue in the very beginning of the video - if a viewer watches it for 3+ secs, then the algorithm views the whole piece as an interesting one, which means it will be offered to viewers more often,


USE THIS SOUND phrase. You can make a video to a certain piece of music and tell the audience to USE THIS SOUND (or have this message right under the video). The platform will note that this particular video sent the viewer tapping the spinning record and watch other videos using the same sound, i.e. the video is cool and should be offered to more users.


WATCH TO THE END life hacks — the users should see something WOWable in the end. STrange as it may seem, but this phrase does work.


Broadcasting good mood. People turn to social media to get emotions, fun and joy. The more of bright and entertaining content a channel offers the more of users’ loyalty it is bound to enjoy.

Now you see how to get more views on TikTok, and there is nothing extra hard, just admit it. All you have to do is follow the advice offered above and the result is sure to come. If employed properly, TikTok may be turned into a valuable source of traffic. What’s more, your channel itself can become a source of stable income.