How to Get Paid on Instagram Reels - Complete Guide in 2022

Want to Earn Money by Posting Instagram Reels? In this article we will cover how to get paid on instagram reels in 2022.

Reels are short videos you can share with other users on Instagram.This format was used earlier by TikTok. Compared to conventional Instagram posts, reels are better. To get to the recommended reels and start earning through selling goods/services or promoting a personal brand, try using the techniques we are offering here below.

Why do we need reels

The major task for reels is to entertain users. The reels algorithm is set so as to feature the maximum of entertaining, friendly, relaxing and funny content. The recommended reels may include videos by both rookies and some seasoned bloggers.

The endless recommended reels feed should be something you seek to get to, and here is why:


getting in TOP recommended reels will help you attract new followers and save the promotion budget;


reels may help you enhance the coverage, user involvement, and promote your account as well.

Before you start making vids, let alone talking about earning through reels on Instagram, you will want to know about the format specifics, as well as the technical features in the mobile app utility.

The reels format allows:


making and editing short (0.1-60 sec long) videos;


add audio tracks (depending on the region);


add masks and effects (filters, projections, objects, interactive AR content);


use the retouch mode;


use the Green Screen function — making videos against other vids or pics;


add descriptions and tag others.

How does the reels algorithm work?

The recommendations of reels remind the Discover chapter: users see not the content released by those they follow, yet they new creators’ content. The algorithm will first find videos that the user is likely to enjoy, and then orders them in view of the user’s most likely actions. The algorithm evaluates and makes forecast concerning the chances that a particular video will be watched to the end, liked, commented by the user, and then the latter will also pass to the chapter containing music.

Besides, the algorithm rates videos through signal evaluation:


User’s activity (the first and foremost factor behind rating by signals). The algorithm sees what videos the user liked, where he/she commented, and what content he/she interacted with.


Interaction history with the creator. If the user once had some contact with the creator of a particular video, then chances are high that the algorithm will offer the user more content by the same creator.


Information about the video. This is about signals concerning the technical contents of the video - what track was added, resolution in pixels, number of frames, overall popularity.


Information about the creator. The algorithm will also take into account how popular the creator is — the number and the activity of the followers, popularity growth.

How to sell and earn through reels

Reels can help you sell your goods and services, as well as integrate ads. To have a video popular and get paid for reels on Instagram, keep it dynamic and create a content that will get the viewer hooked. This can be done through various means, including cross-cutting, effects, and clickable icons.

Besides, if you are interested in boosting sales, you can start a contest: create a video reviewing what you are selling, post a reel, tell the viewers that they can get this free if they join the contest. Forthuis, they will have to create a remix (duet) of this video and share the remix in their stories also tagging your account.

The description to the reel should not contain a link, it is not going to be clickable. To offer your potential customers a link, you can use a bot: in your reels you motivate the viewers direct message you a word.

We do not recommend breaking the rules set in the community guide and post others’ videos.

What is not good to use:


a reel should not contain something evoking negative emotions - car accidents, fights, etc.;


smoking scenes are not good — such videos may be limited in their display due to the respective legal issues;


do not show videos featuring something political ideas - the coverage is not to be great;


no grey or black cheating is to be used - the account will get a smaller reach;


do not upload low-resolution videos or watermarks. The best resolution would be 600 x 1 067 and 1 080 x 1920 px.

Ideas for reels

Before & After format

The video first shows the initial version, and then - the result. This will be a good format for various niches and types of business, as well as for personal blogs - got a new hairstyle, had your nails done, lost some weight, bought a cool dress, etc. Such videos are most often watched to the end.

Mood videos

Show some esthetic video coming with some music, and the music is to be trendy. LIke, for instance, the washingmyhair piece was used in more than 23,400 videos. You can feature a fast cut of beautiful shots from life, landscape, food, drinks, people (yourself).

You can also offer a cut of your latest pics and vids, e.g., when you are promoting your personal brand. This is a psychological issue - you and your audience appear to watch this life from aside. If you are travelling, then making reels is a must for you. You can also show the nice views of the area where you live - streets, waterbodies, landscapes. Something that is routine to you may be extremely captivating for someone else, and you will end up in the recommendations.

3. Creative effects and passages

Apart from exploring music trends in reels, you can get to know what the reels holds for you, as well as all those effects and transitions that are trendy. Transitions are good to show various clothes and images. This is a good idea for stores selling clothes, accessories and jewelry. In case you are selling glasses, you can create masks so that your potential customers could try your glasses on in their reels.

Reels can be made up of smaller videos, gifs and even static pics Choose a music piece with some good rhythm and well pronounced percussions so that the frames are changed with a beat.

4. Training content

An important point to bear in mind when creating educational videos is to manage it within 60 secs. The video will have to be interesting and not boring. If you run some specific theme-focused account on Instagram, then you can use the reels format to release video-invitation for new subscribers. The idea is good for business people, and advisors employed in info-business.

You can invite experts, have brief interviews, make a talk-video or a series of these. The rule to stick to here is one video - one topic.

We are now witnessing growing interest in useful educational content. Topics that are well-accepted include DIY, cooking, personal growth and effectiveness.

A special trend in reels now is culinary recipes - they teach and offer visual joy. It does not matter whether you are a freelance-blogger or a brand representative: culinary recipe videos can be made by a company as part of a separate project.

5. Backstage

Offer a reel showing the inside of your work, how you create a product. Follow certain rules to help you stay in the recommendations - use trendy relevant music; do not forget about the target audience - the videos have to fall within your account main topics, just remember what your audience wants to see; stir interactive (questions, requests for comments, etc.) - do your best to have people be active.

6. Humor

Humor is always trendy. People come to social media to get fun, first of all, and while the main mission for reels is to offer fun. If you represent some business, then offer some funny show of routine situations you come across at your workplace.

You can feature animals, specifically parts where your pet does something funny or unusual. Reels offer a selection of trendy sounds that may help such videos get on top. There are many bloggers on Instagram who run their account on behalf of their pets, and they do make pretty bucks on it.

It is up to you to set trends for humor, create some unique plots and dubbing, or you can even find ideas in a ready-to-use library of sounds, tracks, and effects and thus create a funny reel without any massive preparation.

7. Manual or guide

Show a step-by-step guide, a way to do something, create a reels about how to use your product. You can create a video about your product or announce some upcoming events.

8. Product unpacking and review

Show a review of your product and its unpacking, The brand can be shown from all sides, the way it really works. Maybelline, for instance, releases reels featuring girls applying lipsticks of different colors.

9. Answer questions and offer life hacks

In your reels, you can show your expertise and offer an answer to a question, share some really valuable recommendations or advice in an area you do know - tell how to use your product, how to draw images, grow muscles or learn foreign words.

10. Selection

You can release a reel focusing on a topic matching the concept of your blog or brand, e.g., Top 5 Affordable Beauty Aids.

Pros and cons


Using reels conveys certain key advantages (Pros):


choosing the broadcasting length;


displaying in a chapter and in the account. Such releases bears a special chapter logo;


possible view through the posts and subscribers the user follows;


a large base of audio tracks to be used;


your own sound or dubbing can be created;


access to the AR-effect and mask base;


a broadcast can be broken into fragments, or file from your phone can be inserted;


great outreach for the videos.



limited time;


making sure a video is popular, certain rules are to be followed.

There are plans to introduce a bonus payment system for watching reels, which is aimed at attracting more viewers seeking to watch videos in the new format. The creators will get their financial reward for their unique content. When submitting the list of nominees for reward, the respective users’ statistics will be presented to the management, and then a final decision is to be made.

Joining the program will take selection first. The app is going to pay for the reels release to the users whose original videos will get most broadcasts. In the nearest future, there is a special to be created, which will offer a description of the terms and conditions for those seeking to join the bonus program, as well as details regarding the rewards.