How to get sponsored on instagram with 1000 followers

Worried about Getting Sponsors on Instagram? In this article we will show you how to get sponsored on instagram with 1000 followers.

There are numerous ways to make money on Instagram as an influencer. However, let’s try to have a look at how many followers it takes to get paid for sponsored posts.

Have you ever looked at your Instagram account and asked yourself if you could make a couple of bucks on it? Are there any AD images appearing in your feed from time to time, and do you ever think there may be some brands willing to sponsor you? Now, how many followers does sponsorship in on Instagram take?

How many followers do you need to be sponsored on Instagram

There is no single correct answer to the question. However, when it comes to some sponsored content on Instagram, the important part is not the number of people at all. A larger account will not necessarily win you more sponsorship deals, if compared to a smaller one. Your potential sponsorship on instagram depends on how you decide to use your account.

Things like your niche (and the way you can relate it to the goods offered), the interest your audience takes, where you are, and what income channels you want to use — all these factors will have an effect on your capacity to earn.

The good news is that you don’t need really many followers to earn on instagram. Brands when selecting someone to cooperate with, do not always make sure influencers have lots of followers. Smaller influencers have numerous advantages, including very loyal followers featuring similar requests, and a specific niche for the product.

Other advantages brands will find with minor influencers is that the audiences in this case are the audience’s higher involvement level, openness to brands and a narrower - meaning better oriented - audience. All this means that marketing experts can sponsor several smaller blogs to cover their audience rather than opt for one major account that fails to have so much targeted a coverage.

As Digiday reports, influencers get an average of USD 100 per 10,000 subscribers for each sponsored content. This model means, then, that an influencer with 1,000 followers can get 10 for a post that is sponsored.

Of course, it is not only the number of followers that can have an effect on the price, namely, your client’s budget, the length of the campaign, the quality of your releases and how much content you are expected to produce.

How to get sponsorship offers on Instagram?

To get sponsored on Instagram, you will have to work on your account.

Pack it so that people want to follow it. Anything special to mention here? No. Everything matters here - the bio that tells about the account and what the user can expect to see here; the visual part, nice images inviting to get a closer look and read the text; the texts themselves, which can be very useful, or storytelling able of making anyone interested starting from the first word; the stories where you can offer a glimpse of your life and motivate your followers so they don’t miss something special, and the traffic of course - you will never earn more than $10 per post in case you fail to attract new subscribers. You want more, so your blog has to grow = greater coverage = more money for your posts.

This is never easy, of course, specifically when you are at the beginning of the way. It is hard to make yourself write and go to stories, and there are so many thoughts in your mind: “What do I write? My life is so boring!”. Remember: you will have to fight yourself to get the outcome you want.

Blog means work - daily effort applied to arrive where you are trying to.

How many followers do you need to get sponsored on Instagram

It is not easy to get a sponsored post, a well-paid one - even harder. It typically takes lots of time to earn your first deal that would pay well. Besides, one such deal will never mean you will have it all smooth and easy afterwards. Do you have to stick to the $100-per-10,000-followers rule? It all depends! Set your rate depending on the followers you have, on the interest revealed by your followers, and on the level of sales you could offer to a potential client. Later on, depending on the budget and the needs expressed by a potential client, you can change it.

Do not agree to get gifts in exchange to a promotional post. Working free means you underestimate yourself, which will make other influencers take their rates down to get sponsorship offers. There are definitely some exceptions to the rule, depending on the value of what the brand offers you.

Do not get desperate, nor give up in case you don’t get paid for your first post. You can earn through advertising as soon as now having at least 300 real followers, and this is what has come true with the Post Market service.

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