5 Features Best Brands Look for in Influencers Before Hiring

All marketing experts will agree here: working with bloggers (influence marketing) is already becoming one of the most effective tools to promote brands, while in the nearest years this will be progressing actively all over the world.

Experts claim that a conventional user sees at least 430 pieces of promotion on the Internet daily. Abundance of advertisements leads to so called banner blindness and lack of trust to some big statements.

Bloggers, in contrast, sell everything by themselves. People trust them, and people do buy through trusting them.

What do brands look for in influencers?


boost the number of leads and sales


improve the brand awareness


enhance the brand confidence


create and boost demand


increase public awareness of the product


bring customers to the website


increase the number of followers on the corporate account


improve the brand image

What is an Influencer?

Many have already heard about opinion leaders and may have tried to see how to choose influencers for your brand.

A blogger is someone who has a web log-book, so to say - a blog, publishing regularly new entries. Anyone can have a blog on the Internet, and the list topics to cover may be endless. There are 2 billion bloggers in the world now and they all post and make videos featuring themselves, their lifestyle, travels, as well as covering beauty issues, cars, business, politics, etc.

Reasons your brand needs an influencer

Bloggers recommendations could be compared to commercials on TV - you see the same video time after time, and then you will inevitably develop some associative connections. People will see 1, 2, 3 and more bloggers talking about the same thing they all recommend, and then people come to remember it, then there is an associative chain shaped, with brand/manufacturer confidence, which eventually culminates with a purchase.

Besides, to speed up the conversion of sales/link taps, followers may be offered discounts or bonuses, such as 20% off in case the blogger’s promo code is used; another thing to be offered is a useful guide or a checklist for subscription.

Platforms for influencer marketing

Should you try to find ways to earn on Instagram or TikTok, then you will want to know which brand to promote on which platform. In order to properly use “Make money on Instagram” and “make money on TikTok”, you will need a few crucial things to bear in mind.

The popular social media are competing, developing, and adding to one another nowadays. They may seem similar at first glance, yet they are all whole different platforms, each with its own functional purpose and target audience. If possible, then, of course, we recommend you enter all social media with your promotion.

One thing to be aware of is that your advertisements will have to be different depending on the platform you opt for. For Instagram, it is usually some static posts or stories accompanied with a brief description, whereas for TikTok it is always a video.

If your budget is tight, then Instagram is the best choice. TikTok is for the most creative ones, and in case your target audience is young, then this is your choice.

By the way, TikTok is evolving at a crazy pace, getting more and more popular even among an older audience. The competition there is still low, so looks tempting, isn’t it?

5 Features that Brands Look For in Influencers

1. Responsibility. This is the first thing brands look for in influencers. It may seem too obvious. However, when it come to doing business and money, you’d better make no single mistake. Bloggers should complete all the responsibilities they assume, no way to go back. Of course, some ad hocs are possible - we are all humans, after all, and you request promotion mot from a robot. And still, an influencer’s blog speaks for them better than anything else - just check this or that particular blogger offers feedback to followers (if there is any feedback at all), how regularly promotions are posted, and in what manner, etc. Besides, there can be some other awkward issues, such as a blogger rejecting any vaccination and yet advertising some clinic where advanced and top best vaccines are offered. All you need is to keep a closer eye on them and then you will have enough to make certain conclusion.

2. Creativity. Blogging implies some creative capacity - a blogger should create some really classy content, like none of their potential rivals can do.

3. Keeping it simple.

4. Follow the trend. INfluencers follow all that is going on around and globally, including the world of marketing: What visual is trendy now? What are the best ways to present a text? And what about stories?

5. Authenticity. These are bloggers with the most loyal audience of followers. A blogger aware of oneself and one’s own values, will never base any content on hype of lies. They might arrive at an audience in the millions, if doing it otherwise, yet the price to pay may be too high.

Tools for choosing influencers

Now, that you have made up your mind to find influencers for your brand, what is next, and where do we go?

1. Manual search. Let’s assume you are trading strollers, then your perfect blogger would be someone raising little kids. By the way, some bloggers may offer you their services in exchange for what you offer, and many will find this a better option than paying for promotion. Use keywords, hashtags, geotags, etc., to find what you need.

At first, a search like this will take quite a lot of time, and moreover - there is no guarantee that the blogger you find will be effective enough to help you reach the outcome you are looking for.

2. Websites and channels with info about bloggers. There are certain websites where bloggers are listed and then are classified by topics, number of followers, area, etc. Most often you will find there reliable bloggers who have been verified and up to advertisers’ expectations. All you will have to do is go through some feedback, see the prices and select the ones you find best.

3. Bloggers your rivals work with. This is something rather straightforward. It is simple: you see a blogger’s post in your competitor’s profile, then you write to the blogger and request if they can place your ad. Better choose bloggers working not with competitors but with businesses in similar niches. Sport bloggers, for instance, could promote not sportswear and nutrition alone yet also a cafe serving some healthy food, or they could promote some training that might come along with storytelling about their life path and the importance of finding your own cup of tea, so to say.

4. Work with incoming requests. Once you start placing ads with bloggers or make your social media account advanced enough, there will be bloggers DMing you. Iyt is to be noted here that they will have to be filtered - check them by the blog topic, see if they are cheating with followers, audience, etc. If you get a message like “Hey, man, need some promotion?” then think twice before responding, and in case you are running a home improvement store and you get a message from a blogger telling you that he is currently renovating his house showing it all in his/her blog, and the followers are truly excited to follow, and now it is time to choose some window shades, and you are welcome to cooperate on a straight-swap terms - this is an offer you might want to accept. Bloggers from the incoming requests are the most motivated ones.

5. Trust automated services. You can use Postmarket if you want to make money on Instagram and on TikTok. And the service will take care of the entire promotion campaign - selecting bloggers, negotiations, ad placement. All you will have to do is process requests. By the way, there is another advantage you can enjoy while using the service in question - you can use the CPA model, which means you will have to pay for the final result only - sales, download, subscription.

Key Indicators for choosing influencers

A few tips on how to choose influencers for your brand

1. Comments. We recommend you not trust comments displayed on the blogger’s page yet try to find some on other resources. Even better if some of your friends, who has already used this blogger’s services for promotion, offer a good word about him or her. If you see lots of negative things told about a blogger yet you like this particular blogger, you’d better not try to cheat yourself and still hope that “it was different in their case, mine will be a success”, If there are 9 good comments VS 1 bad, then it could be explained by the customer’s poorly presented requirements, the account being not ready for promotion or even Mercury in retrograde.

2. Spend some time to study the page thoroughly. See what content is published there and how often the blogger does it, check how well this person maintains contact with the followers, who offers comments, how many likes it all gets, views, and make sure you have checked whether or not there are any suspicious followers looking like bots.

3. Do not rush to get as many followers as you can. Sometimes it may seem that paying 1000$ to get your ad placed with a hot-shot blogger is a better option, but this is not true - your topic may just prove not good for that audience, the followers may be sick and tired of any ads, and they will do nothing but skip it. Now, the influence marketing world is featuring a trend to place ads with microbloggers. Their followers are usually those who know them in person, and such bloggers’ recommendations do win people’s trust.

Best tips for approaching & managing

Apart from a single purchase of promotion from bloggers, you can make them an offer - be your brand ambassadors. This basically means you find someone to be your brand influencer, or your brand image.

One of the best examples of ambassadorship is the contract that Nike entered with Michael Jordan at the start of his career. Nike designed a series of Air Jordan basketball shoes that are still famous even now.

Marketing uses ambassadorship everywhere now. If you can see a certain product displayed a blogger’s page then the blogger must be promoting the brand while not owning it. This is a new promotion mode for goods and services, which helps shape your target audience’s loyalty and boost sales.

Now, you decided to find brand influencers:

1. Identify the target audience for your product. This will help you decide who you want to find and on what platform.

2. Set the aim for your activity: tell about the brand, get requests, boost sales or have your app better optimized for related searches.

3. Analyze the market: getting to know your rivals and the current market will help you avoid lots of mistakes.

4. Talk to your friends who could share such experience.

5. Read some feedback on the Internet.

6. Start with manual search in the right media - most often Instagram and TikTok.

7. Have a closer look at the blogger’s account.

8. decide on your presentation format: videos, texts, photos, etc. If it in Instagram, then would that be stories or posts?

9. Design your promotional presentation (WHAT and HOW the blogger is to say and show).

10. If the blogger will have to make a video or record a story on their own and not use something made in advance, then check what they have prepared.

11. Think of a way to follow the result of the promotional campaign: you can ask the blogger to use a website with a UTM tag or issue him/her a promo code to be used as an extra bonus for the subscribers.

12. Write down and clarify any things that you find potentially important - even the smallest ones: time and date of release; what is to be said and what - to be written; how early in advance the materials are to be provided; will you have to provide all the statistics once the campaign is over, etc.

13. We recommend holding all negotiations through correspondence so you can be on the safe side in case the influencer proves not rather honest.

14. If buying some expensive promotion or offering someone the status of your brand image, you can suggest entering a contract.

15. Effectiveness evaluation: cooperation can be well assessed based on key performance indicators – KPI:


the audience engagement rate;


the number of content views, reposts, likes, dislikes;


the number of taps on each specified link;


the number of customers who used the promo code;


the blogger’s activity when responding to user comments.

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