PostMarket User Rules

Once registered in the app, the blogger will have to submit their account details (theme, place, sex) and upload the account statistics (coverage/views, sex, age, audience location). All this data is to be taken into account when calculating recommended price for a promotional post. Before you can accept promotion offers, please complete verification.

What does verification take?


You need to have an account with at least 300 followers.


You will have to have at least 6 posts the latest one published within the last 14 days.


The content you publish must not contain any obscenities.


You must be at least 18 y.o.


You will have to have real active followers.


You will have to attach your account statistics in your PostMarket profile.

Completing promotional requests


When you get a request for promotion, there is a push-notification to appear. You will have 6 hours to make a decision – either “Accept” or “Reject”.


Once you accept a request you will be allowed 8 hours to complete it. In case you fail to release a promotional post within the specified time, its status will degrade to “Expired”. Should this be the case, the managers may take your rating down, which will affect the frequency of requests you will get further.


If you cannot meet the deadline completing a request yet you are going to complete it in the nearest future, please notify the managers in the support chat.


Once the promotional post is released, our managers will check it to make sure it is done correctly, and if certain issues identified it will be rejected. Your task will be assigned the “Rejected” status with the respective reason indicated. After corrections introduced, you will release the promotion once again while deleting the incorrect version. Once your promotional post gets the status of “Accepted, Awaiting Statistics”, there will appear a timer counting time to the statistics to be uploaded. After 24 hours, the promotion request will have an “Upload Statistics” button. Click on it to attach the promotional post screenshot. Our managers will check if it matches the expected outcomes and is clear of any cheating with likes, comments, etc.


If, given the statistics, the coverage is 10% and more below the expected rate, then we may be entitled to take down the final reward according in view of the difference. This is because advertisers buy coverage, so the promotional budget is to be allocated respectively.


If the statistics shows that the coverage is above the expected rate, then the final reward is not to be different from the one that was set and is explained in the “How to calculate price?”.


Besides, if the release statistics shows that there are more than 70% of those who are not among your followers, then we will enjoy the right to recalculate the final reward. We, just like advertisers, are interested in attracting loyal followers and not those from the side whose interest is hard to forecast. Should this be the case, the system will make the respective recalculate and pay only for your followers. If the real coverage is below the recommended one, then the reward will be reduced, too, and will be calculated in view of the lacking coverage.


Once the statistics is verified, the request will have its status gong to “Completed”. Form that moment on, the funds are to be transferred to the balance and you can request withdrawal.


After the request has got the status of “Completed”, you can delete the post or leave it in your feed. In case the system suspects or detects and cheating (views, likes, comments, coverage), we can rate you down or ban your profile in PostMarket.

Funds withdrawal

Once you place your request, the required funds will be paid with 5-7 working days the way you find it best.