PostMarket Website Privacy Policy

This present Personal Data Privacy Policy (hereinafter – Privacy Policy) shall be applied to any information displayed in the Internet at (hereinafter – Website), which PostMarket may get regarding any respective User while using the Website, any of its services, software or products.

Using the Website services shall be assumed as the User's unconditional acceptance of this Policy and all the personal data processing terms contained herein; in the event the User fails to accept the said terms, they must refrain from using the respective services.

The User herewith expresses their total consent to any transfer, storage and processing of any information or personal data that the PostMarket Service Administration may come to obtain while offering the respective services to the User.

The PostMarket Service Administration shall take any administrative, technical or legal measure that may be required to protect the User's personal data against any unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, dissemination, as well as from against any other illegal actions that may be taken by any third parties

The right of access to the User's personal data shall be enjoyed by the Service Administration employees who need the data to perform within their respectively assumed professional duties.

The Website Administration shall take all necessary precautions to protect the Users's personal data stored in electronic databases, following the due procedure employed to protect such kind of data in the available business practice.

Đ—The protection of access to electronic databases containing Users's personal data shall be ensured employing licensed antivirus and anti-hacking software, as well as through a password set by the Website System Manager.

Any information of actual or potential commercial value shall be deemed confidential in the event it could not be obtained from any open and publicly available sources, whereas the owner of such data shall take every measure possible to maintain its confidentiality.

Any objects displayed on the Website shall be subject to the exclusive rights of the Administration, Website Users and other copyright holders, with all respective rights protected.

Apart from their own Content, the User shall have no right to upload or otherwise disclose (publish on the Website) any Content from any other websites, databases or any other intellectual activity results of any other persons, unless explicit consent has been obtained from the respective copyright holder.

No Content right transfer shall be allowed within the PostMarket User Agreement.

The User shall be held personally responsible for any information contained on the Website and brought to the public knowledge, subject to the respective requirements of the current legislation of the Armenia. The User shall enjoy no right to upload, transmit or display any Content on the Website unless respective appropriate rights have been obtained to perform such actions.

The website Administration may, yet shall not be obligated to view the Website in order to identify any banned Content and may delete or remove (with no prior warning) any Content or users, at one's own discretion, for any reason or for no reason, including, with no restrictions, removing or deleting any Content that, as the Administration may find it, is found to be in breach of the provisions of this Agreement, and/or may violate any other Users's or third parties's rights, harm or threaten their security.

In order to arrange duly the display and storage of the user Content on the Website, the User shall transfer to the Administration the right thus allowing the latter to make copies of the respective Content displayed on the Website. When respective Content is deleted by the User, the Website Administration shall enjoy the right to keep archived copies of such user Content through an indefinite period.

The User will automatically and at no charge, shall grant the Website Administration a non-exclusive right to use his/her Content through copying, public performance, reproduction, processing, translation and distribution for the purposes of promoting the Website.

The Website contains (or may contain) links to other Internet sites (third-party sites) as well as articles, photographs, illustrations, graphic images, music, sounds, videos, information, applications, software or any other Content belonging to, or originating from, third parties (third party Content) resulting from intellectual activity.

The Website Administration shall not be held responsible for any information displayed on any third party's websites to which the User may gain access through the Website or through any third party's Content.

The Website Administration does neither support nor recommend any display of links or guides concerning downloading files or installing any third party's software on the Website.

The PostMarket User Agreement shall not apply to the User from the moment the latter chooses to leave the Website and go to any third party's website or use or install any third party's software.

The Site Administration shall be within their right to introduce and amendment or any change to this Privacy Policy without seeking the User's prior consent.

The new Privacy Policy shall come into force as soon as it is displayed on the Website, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Privacy Policy.