How to Get 1000 Free Tiktok Followers in 2022 - 10 Effective Ways

Getting followers on Tiktok is getting challenging everyday. In this article we will show you how to get free TikTok followers in 2022.

What is so special about TikTok?

The thing about TikTok is that it doesn not take anything over-the-top and a great pic. The content is built like this: 50% of some useful info + 50% of humor and dance. These training videos are used to show your expertise and teach people some skills. If a video is truly useful and you manage to get the user interested then he or she is likely to share it with some friends. If this is the case, then even more people will know about you. The algorithm will see that you are making some interesting content and will promote you to the recommendations even more heavily.

Of all social networks, this one features the lowest cost of a contact through a way to get to recommendations. You can get dozens of thousands of views with no input at all and rise to fame overnight. TikTok developers will do the job to promote you to the TOP.

Let's have a look at the promotion that PepsiCo employed on the market of India. Users were invited to upload their versions of a promotional dance with the SwagStepChallenge hashtag. It took no more than six months to get the number of viral videos reaching 23 billion. Given the population of India, this means 20 views per capita.

How to get 1000 followers on TikTok for free


Find your niche

Something you can speak about forever. It can be history, literature, investment, medicine, feminism, pets, clothes and sewing. Want to promote your business account? Then it will make your choice easier.


Analyze your competitors

Find three profiles, check the statistics for the moment: how many followers and the views. Learn the hashtags. Watch videos and check which of them have a better response, and which don't.


Develop a content plan

Get a list of your ideas for videos, and then develop a details scenario. It will help you make videos through your first steps so that you don’t get distracted. Keep in mind the reason you decided to promote your account.


Have your activities regular

Daily posting, analysis of the statistics - both your and your competitors’. We recommend checking promotion efficiency some 10-15 days later, just to see if you are doing all the right way. Do not get upset and quit even if fail to get some remarkable outcomes within this time period. Remember that the social network has its own algorithms , which nobody has managed to get round so far

Making your videos more attractive and win Free TikTok followers takes:


using popular filters, effects and masks;


making videos that get the viewer involved from the very first seconds;


shoot and upload your content on a regular basis, don’t have gaps, so to say;


make content ion series – such videos are interesting to watch and will have your followers;


watch the previous ones;


make videos with unpredictable plots;


invent some clickbait title – it both attracts and makes people want to share sich videos.

Free ways to promote


Redirect the followers

If you have some well-promoted accounts in other media, make sure your followers there know you’ve a got a TikTok account, and ask them to follow you. This will help you get Free TikTok followers.



Have each video coming with 2-4 hashtags. Videos that do not have them will get poor promotion. Put only tags that match the theme of the video, do not use any hashtags that bloggers use, such as #fyp. They will not get you any closer to what you are aiming at.



Trendy ideas, filters and music will help your promotion. Try to follow them and use in your videos the ones that fit.


Mutual promotion

Find an account with similar statistics and audience of followers. Try to negotiate a duet or video exchange.



Response-videos to somebody else’s ones is a good way to earn new followers for free.

What about some fake engagement?

Fortunately, TikTok has a policy that has always been set to counteract any shady promotion ways. Be getting fakes you are the very much likely to get blocked.

TikTok today is still growing fast. You make some interesting content, the neural network will realize that your videos are really “making it”, and then will present them to even a greater number of people. At this stage, it takes no expense - just your knowledge and creativity.

It may seem at first that nothing is clear and this is the worst thing the mankind has created. However, once you watch a few vids you will come to get in. Besides, free access has lots of info on how to design your scenarios and assemble it.

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