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Our mission

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for growth on social media. No matter how big or small your audience is, you can use PostMarket to grow a loyal following, to earn and learn by promoting brands you love.

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Get followers to your blog

Earn money by promoting other social media accounts! You get paid for every new active follower you bring to the account you promote.

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Reach a wide audience

It is important to create high-quality promos, which will help you reach a wider audience. You'll earn a certain amount for every 1000 promo views.

Pay for

A solid and measurable "ROI"

Choose offers that are based on payment for registrations, app downloads, product purchases, and similar models, enabling you to earn a profit for every goal you achieve.


We can help you develop your account

Everything you need to get start for just


Our comprehensive guidance and educational resources empower you to become a thriving influencer, guiding you through the process every step of the way until you make your first penny.


How to earn with PostMarket?

It’s easy – just go to My applications chapter and select the applications seeking promotion that fit you and your target audience best! You may judge based on your account focus. Want to gain maximum response from the audience and boost your reward? Use Improvise mode and make the most of it all! Create a series of posts to keep your audience warm! Invent interesting scenarios or you can use some of ours!

Your ad is good but the audience is still not really responding? You don’t have to leap into despair – there is always room to grow! This is where Postmarket can help you promote your account bringing it up to the next level, and have your achievements growing constantly.

How many accounts and what social media can be used?

Right now, you can connect your Instagram or TikTok account. You can add up to 10 accounts from different social media! Have more than one account? Great! You can take up promotion running it from several blogs and double your reward.

How to boost your account through PostMarket?

PostMarket offers a whole range of ways to promote your account. You can go to Promotion purchase chapter, launch a promo advertising your Instagram or TikTok account and get true and motivated followers. You can go to Account promotion chapter and use the service for individual work where our experts will take care of making your account better – all the metrics of it. Still have questions? Write to us (see the blank form below).

Will my accounts remain safe if I work with PostMarket?

Work with PostMarket is totally safe for any account you connect. PostMarket requires no signing up – just let us know your nick and we will have a look at your account, very much like another follower visiting your page.

How to attract new followers to my Instagram?

PostMarket offers a unique way to attract only true and real followers who may find your profile interesting. It’s simple! You create a promo campaign in Promotion purchase chapter, then choose Cost per follower and create a campaign. While creating it, you will indicate all the criteria required, then select the cost, how much you are willing to pay per 1 follower, and then drop some funds to your budget.Further on, bloggers who find your offer good enough will start promoting you, while getting paid only for the followers who used to be their followers, then started following you and never unfollowed for 10+ days!

What type of promotional campaign can I take up?

The system offers three types of campaigns for our users to choose from – cost per mille (CPM), cost per action (CPA) and cost per follower (CPF).

I have a business. Now, can I start promotion through the app?

Of course! To launch a promo campaign, go to Promotion Purchase chapter and select the type of campaign that fits you best. You can also use this website to launch your campaign.

How can I withdraw?

In case you have got funds on your balance, you can withdraw them immediately except for money earned for followers (this will take a 10-day waiting period to see who unfollows).

How do I get promotional requests paid on the cost per mille?

Requests for promotion on the cost-per-mille (CPM) basis may be available to any type of Postmarket users. However, the higher the blogger’s status (link to it), the more of such requests you will get from Postmarket. Some brands may invite you to be their ambassador in case they like the way you advertise something in a different format!


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