Power of TikTok Micro-Influencers & Their Importance

TikTok Micro-Influencers has 10k to 100k followers count. Micro-Influencers make content related to their followers which get them more engagement on their page.

Promotion with opinion leaders is an effective resource that brands have been using for quite a while now. However, many brands make a mistake cooperating with mega-bloggers only and ignoring the micro-influencing segment.

Who are micro-influencers and what is so good about them?

Tiktok micro-influencers are opinion leaders with a rather small yet very engaged audience of followers (engagement rate - 6 to 12%). Micro-influencers typically have pages with 10,000 - 100,000 followers yet they are in close contact with them. These influencers are extremely valuable because they are truly interested in monetizing. HelloSociety reports that micro-influencers have a 60% higher conversion rate compared to mega-influencers.

This means that we are talking about a powerful, yet an underestimated channel of advertising, which offers a high sales conversion rate and audience engagement. The level of trust in mega-influencers is going down over time - an endless line of products advertised will raise suspicion even in the most loyal followers. Micro-influencers’ followers, in contrast, trust them more, get more engaged and thus will eventually increase the sales conversion.

With their low price per post and unbelievably high engagement level, these opinion leaders reveal a perfectly visible core of their audience. Any advertisement displayed in such accounts appears more of a personal recommendation yet with a huge outreach. Many micro-influencers, during that, are willing to work subject to barter terms or for a really low reward.

Tom’s of Maine, a brand manufacturing natural personal care products, invited influencers with up to 5000 followers. The outcome proved beyond great - Tom’s of Maine got a 600% higher consumer activity rate. However, the effect was even more extensive, because working with influencers who have a highly engaged audience, the brand obtained something else - information about their products, and this info came through feedback and polls.

A low budget makes investment more profitable, while it also allows cooperating with several influencers at a time, thus expanding the audience covered. Finally, the influencer’s opinion, too, may have its own effect on the potential customer’s decision concerning a certain purchase. Nielsen claims that 82% of Americans buy things based on recommendations they get from their friends, while 31% of Americans (source: Socialbakers) buy things relying on what celebrities and other media personalities - including niche influencers - present as good and worth its money.

Once you start working with micro-influencers, how long would you have to wait to see some effect?

Typically, work with more or less popular influencers implies a longer campaign. This is because arriving at a desired outreach takes establishing contact with lots of people. However, the results are more than rewarding. Influencers with smaller audiences are typically more content-conscious. Their personalized approach helps them create higher engagement, which, in turn, promotes sales.

At the same time, you invest nothing to get a flexible and effective tool to manage the brand image on the Internet. The right presentation of your company, coupled with due influence marketing will turn customers into ambassadors doing nothing less but promotie your product.

Promotion with mega-influencers does not mean guaranteed success

When about to start working with influencers, any sponsor, of course, would love to find someone who is a well-known opinion leader - someone the sponsor, his or her spouse, their community, the entire place or even the world adore. Sponsors believe that this would be the best and the most effective way to get what they seek, even at huge costs.

Now, what do we have in reality? In reality it may turn so that no fraction of the investment will pay back. Millions of views and no single customer added.

Improving sales conversion takes conveying information about the product through several influencers at a time. This will have potential customers hear what others say about the product, and this is not just hearing from someone on the street but people they trust. This will add to customers’ interest and loyalty, driving them to buy it. No matter how wide the total of the outreach may be, ten mentions by micro-influencers will always create a better effect than one mention by an influencer with a million of followers. And, when starting a promotional campaign with micro-influencers, keep in mind that the best outcomes is to be expected from 20–25 influencers with a coverage of 7–10 thousand people.

Working with micro-influencers can also be done on barter terms, which is very convenient for sponsors. In this case, part of the fee, or the whole of it. could be done with the product at its retail price. Micro-influencers are those who are making the first steps in their careers, they do not have lots of commercial offers, so they often will accept barter terms.

There is another reason to work with influencers whose pool of followers is not really large. Today’s micro-influencer stands every chance to wake up one morning to find oneself a mega-influencer! Given TIkTok algorithms, any video may soar earning a million, and even a few millions of views.

Actually, working with an influencer whose audience is in a few thousands is like investing for the future, also raising the brand loyalty.

How to find micro-influencers

How to promote your goods and services:


start your own account to promote your company through videos;


get in touch with influencers and buy promotion from them;


find influencers through blogger outreach platforms and buy promotion from them.

You can also find any TikTokers you like and ask them for their statistics and taps but this sort of promotion proves ineffective due to boosted statistics or poor skills in sales. A blogger exchange working principle is simple: a sponsor is seeking to promote their goods or services, whereas the service is in charge of finding the right blogger with high ratings and true followers.

Work with influencers is a new trend in promotion - TikTokers create bright videos that catch on with users and make them want to follow the required link or buy something.

Now, let’s see how to find micro-influencers.

There are 3 ways to find an influencer on TikTok.

Through search — open the searchline, enter the keyword and look through the accounts, videos or hashtags. This is how you can find popular influencers, and this is how you will select only those that fit your target audience requirements and dismiss those who don’t. Start the whole process through requirements that are good for your target audience. See the information about the influencers and read the comments that their videos have attracted - this will help you get an idea whether or not they are good for partnership.

Through challenges — check the “challenge” hashtag as well as users’ challenges and popular videos by tracks. The videos that rate as TOP are most likely to be paid, or their author is really skilled in following the trend. These creators may be the ones you should seek promotion with.

Advertising exchange — this option is good because it allows you seeing the details concerning the audience and the charge. Should you opt for this, have a look at Post Market, for instance.

Advertising charge with TikTok influencers

Fees differ because everything depends on the number of followers, regular views and the value that this or that particular influencer can boast of on the platform. One thing to remember is that TikTok micro-influencers charge times (sometimes even dozen of times) less than celebrities.

The advertising charge depends on the following factors:


type of release; length of the video; work required to create and assemble the video;


number of users following the blog;






the theme of the blog, channel or account;


feedback from the previous sponsors;


the opinion leader’s personal view on how much is to be charged for placing advertising content;


other factors.

Top influencers and media personalities are also available for any brand (provided the brand does have enough money) and charge thousands of bucks per post, while someone who runs an account with 50K followers will cost you an average of $200.

It is important to be professional when negotiating the price. Don’t be too much self-confident or indifferent. You are the one who needs it, so try to have respect for the other party.

Conversation is the basis for any fruitful cooperation, so stick to certain principles when trying to buy promotion from a TikTok influencer.

If there is some any misunderstanding between the potential sponsor and the agent, then the entire promotional campaign may suffer. Lack of mutual respect through communication will never move you to where you are trying to arrive.

Don’t waste your time. Develop a detailed work statement emphasizing the most important points and send it to the respective TikToker. Make your statement clear so that users have no questions once the integration is completed. Besides, it is important to get in touch with the influencer using the channel indicated in the bio - it may be E-mail, TikTok, the manager’s account or Instagram. Messaging to the right address means you will get a response faster, so the entire project may start sooner.

Effectiveness of advertising with TikTok micro-influencers

It is important to trace the progress because this is the way to see what TikTokers are better to cooperate with later. When trying to evaluate the campaign outcomes, keep in mind the following points.

How fast it paid back. If you finally earned less than invested, then this is no good. Your income should be two or even three times what your initial advertising budget was.

More followers. Your profit is not about money alone. If you are trying to boost your blog then check the growth in the number of the followers, the cost per each follower gained, and then compare the data.

More views.This is an obvious indicator of how much demand your offer enjoys.

Likes and comments, too, point at the promotion rate, so do not neglect these indicators when trying to see the effect of each promotion you bought. Data gathered a week after the advertising was launched will be more reliable. In case your campaign is promoted more often than on a weekly basis, the data will be harder to arrange. Moreover, the audience may find it too obtrusive, so be patient.

Common mistakes

Promotion with TikTok micro-influencers is a rather complicated thing with a number of issues to be kept in mind. Unless you remember this, your desired outcome may prove beyond reach. It is also important to realize that just paying an influencer for promotion is not enough - success here depends on many factors, including your own activity, the quality of the goods you are offering, and the price you charge.

In case of TikTok, it is critical to see how successful the influencer’s latest videos have been. The platform is so fast to change that trends and views can change in a matter of hours. Make sure the created stuff is really cool, otherwise the video will not be seen. TikTok algorithms function so that nearly nobody watches videos released by those they follow, all users view the recommended feed. The cooler a video, the more often it is to appear in the recommendations. Also, any advertising in TikTok should be as native as possible so that it makes a natural fit to the influencer’s overall content.

Below we are offering a list of the most commonly made mistakes when seeking promotion.


Buying promotional videos counting on nothing but good fortune. This means you pay before you have checked the feedback, statistics, etc., or have made sure that your potential influencer is reliable, has not been put on the black list, and has earned a really good reputation in the respective community.


Sending the opinion leader nothing but the text for the video, with no other demands outlined, namely, not stating beforehand that all the video created will have to be shown to you for approval.


State clearly and expressly that neither before your release nor after that there may be any other activities that might be distractive. Specify the time for the release - if it is planned for night, then the video is likely to earn fewer views.


Stick to the “influencer knows it best” principle. Of course, the influencer knows his or her audience best, gets this verify audience’s tone of voice, can grab their attention, etc. However, never leave the things to luck! Specify in writing the main points and explain what you expect to be done, said, write. Unless you do it, you can never be sure the outcome will be up to your expectations. What is the purpose of the release? This will determine the potential presentation. The influencer knows the audience, but you know your product and the advantages it offers. Cooperation in this case appears as the most acceptable type of activity - the brand and the influencer locking arms to find the most effective way to move forward, to experiment, and to find solutions that would fit both.


Set fixed and hard boundaries segmenting your target audience, e.g. by age, geo, sex or any other criteria. This will allow you to narrow the pool of opinion leaders you need.


Seeking promotion through blogs featuring numerous followers from other countries is not a good idea - they will affect your statistics, whereas the price for the target audience will skyrocket. A girl based in the US may, for instance, share her experience of living and studying there; she may appear as a good choice for you, yet her major pool of followers are Germans planning to move or to study abroad. Now, the choice appears not so good, to put it mildly (unless you have plans to advance to that foreign market, of course).


When buying promotion with a wide coverage, the managers will never manage to work through everything and most of the applications will be missed, so do not forget about this before you launch your ad campaign.


Watch the tone of voice — the way the influencer interacts with the audience and presents information. The influencer’s ToV must be very much close to that of the brand so that the entire integration looks natural and organic.


The biggest mistake, though, is to believe that buying promotion ios easy. In truth, the whole things has lots of hidden issues to keep you stumbling over and over again, and it is only true experts who will know everything.

Once you decide you need truly effective promotion, contact us. PostMarket employs experts always willing to help you boost the follower or client traffic and save on advertising at the same.


Whenever influencers make a release it is taken as a personal recommendation coming from someone people trust, and this is what it makes different from targeting. In case of involving an influencer, we already get access to their audience - a group of followers who are already warmed up. The conversion rate obtained through this type of promotion is typically higher because we see a person and not a poster telling about a product or a service.

Here is a brief checklist to help you work with TikTok micro-influencers:


Identify the right target audience.


Select an influencer your audience trusts.


Prepare some cool creative stuff.


Try to analyze and see what really worked through the campaign, and what failed, and then use the outcomes to make your next advertising even more effective.